John and Mary

The original love affair. Everyone knows the familiar scene with the two of them running towards each others embrace after being separated for what seems like an eternity. The world that was keeping them apart suddenly turns magical when they finally embrace one another, all is well and they spend the next eternity exploring their new magical world together.

But who are John and Mary?

Intelligence and Beauty. Intelligence loves Beauty, and Beauty loves Intelligence. Beauty loves intelligence because it is the only thing with the capacity to appreciate her. The greater the intellectual capacity, the greater the capacity to appreciate all the nuances of what makes her beautiful. The more beautiful she is from every angle, the greater the intellectual capacity that can be fulfilled by her beauty.

John represents the highest form of intelligence, the intellectual capacity to contain the All or the entire Body of Humanity. Mary represents the entire body of humanity in absolutely perfect harmonic proportion.

The only man Mary can ever be truly satisfied with is John, because he is capable of containing all of her, leaving nothing unappreciated. The only girl that can ever satisfy John is Mary, because she has everything a man could want in perfect proportion.

John, or the all encompassing intelligence submits to nothing within the all he contains unless he wishes to do so. The only thing he will submit to is beauty, but not just any beauty because anything less than Mary (beauty perfected) is going to be lacking what it takes to satisfy his intellectual capacity to appreciate it.

Mary is the only thing that can ever subdue the wrath of god. There is no force or combined set of forces that can dominate him, but she can melt the ice around his heart by embracing it with beauty. It is a case of mutual possession, John contains the body of humanity (Mary) within himself, but as a member of that body, he is also contained by her… a mutual and total embrace based on nothing but free will and love.

My mother always told me it would take a girl to straighten me out, and if I was lucky, I might live long enough to for her to find me.