The Language Barrier

I’m just looking at some interesting correspondences between language as an information “container” and man as a container. As individual men we are attempting to create space(s) for and contain the All. As a storyteller I’m attempting to fit everything in my head into plain english, more specifically American English.

In the same way that I have butchered myself into divisions in order to contain everything, Americans have butchered the English language thereby expanding it and creating more information holding capacity. My complete butchering of the popular story of what’s going on here is what’s going to allow it to contain the real, whole story in plain English.

To date, all other systems have required you to spend a lifetime or maybe a thousand lifetimes learning another language or information holding container before you can even begin to fill the container. There is also no single system here you can learn that will teach (for lack of a better word atm) you how to contain the whole thing. Now it’s just about impossible because you have to learn not one additional foreign language, but seven and this is a result of the creation of so many divisions and the resulting separation.

It’s a popularly held notion that that these things can’t be put into words. It’s also a popular myth that English is somehow substandard as an information container when compared to for instance Sanskrit. If Sanskrit was up to the task of containing everything at the current complexity levels we’re operating at, we’d still be using it. English… American English, has become a dominant language because it has proven itself to be capable of expanding to contain anything we want it to hold. American English is the most plastic language on Earth and it is this same flexibility that allows my story to contain all other stories within it. If a new or unfamiliar story pops up, I just expand my story to include it. I’m currently trying to “tune” my story to make every story ever told “true”. This trues the story to and within itself.

This isn’t really my story per se, it’s our story. I’m simply tuning into it and making up a story on an individual level that contains the story of our entire collective consciousness. It’s also very much YOUR story because as an individual part of this collective you play a key role in the story as the whole story cannot be told without your individual story included. Everyone’s story is key at some point within the whole story. The fact is I don’t even have my own story, I didn’t make up anything, all I’m doing is compiling the Works of everyone else.

It is this same plasticity or flexibility that we as individuals need to demonstrate in order to contain the all within us. You don’t really get to say I don’t want to be this or that because you have to be everything at some point to contain everything… pretty simple math.

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We have reached a stage in our linguistic progression where a single artfully spoken word can paint a thousand pictures. In fact we’re pretty much limited by language in what we can paint at this point because every idea we have has been turned into thought and all those thoughts are framed within whatever language we think in. I think in in terms of Storytelling because I’ve found it to be capable of also containing the other sacred arts within itself as an art form.

The current hold-ups have nothing to do with being able to put this story into plain English, the language has already prepared itself to contain it. It’s a matter of getting things sorted. Before I can really start telling my/our story I need to finish truing it, i.e i need to get my story straight with the whole story by truing it to all the other stories contained within it. When I can hear any story and find the necessary angles to make it true with the whole story, I have achieved what I’m after. At the operational level it’s just a shitload of math involving ratios, basically just sorting numbers until the proportions come out right.