All time is based on the human heartbeat. Time in our current age is based on a heart rate of 72 beats per minute. An entire 24 hour day in the great year is 103,680 years, but half of that day is night so we call the other half daytime. So daytime and nighttime are split into 51,840 years each.

Here’s where shit gets a little f’d up. We really have no reason to count time unless we’re counting on something to happen. What we’re counting on is the Dawn of Humanity. This in itself tells us what part of the day we’re actually in… nighttime, we’re asleep in our beds or tombs waiting for the sunrise to wake us up.

Now here’s where it gets even more f’d up. Because we’re dreaming and we dream about what we do during the day, that night is made to appear like it’s daytime in our (un)conscious reality. So what we think of as daytime is really just part of the dream.

Because of all that, our “present day” is divided into 4 parts just like a real day – morning, noon, evening, and night… the four phases of the sun. Each of these lasts 12,960 years.

What seems like the end of the day for us, is really the darkest part of night just before dawn. The sun is about to rise and we’re about to wake up from our little nightmare.

These numbers are an average approximation because real time is based on our real heartbeat, which we all know fluctuates quite a bit in our current age. The reason it fluctuates so much is due to us continually making timing adjustments and corrections.

What we’re counting on, is that the “average” human heartbeat ends up being exactly 72 beats per minute over the course of our lifetime, because that’s what the Mayan calendar is based on.