We tend to think of experience as something we go thru, like life. If I look at my own life and the lives of others around me, I’m moved to disagree with the common notion.

Experience isn’t what we’re going thru or it would be the same for all of us. We are all going thru the same thing but we each experience it differently, so experience is NOT what we’re going thru, but rather what we make of what we’re going thru.

The sojourn we’re on here either makes or breaks us. The difference between the two is in how we use it and the choices we make along our journey.

I’m not about to tell anyone which choices to make, including myself. It is worthy to note however, that the choices we make as we go thru this world DO matter.

All men are created equal, but that’s just the starting block so nobody gets a head start… the rest of the race is entirely yours to run. Victory and her spoils go not to the first to cross the finish line, but to the one who got the most out of running the race 🙂