Crest of a Wave

Just a little tidbit, another way of looking at ascension vs resurrection.

You can see the ascension/reincarnation cycle as a sine wave, you could think of yourself as a little ball that’s rolling up and down those hills and valleys. You ascend to the crest of the wave and then descend down into the valley, only to have to climb the hill again. In itself that doesn’t seem so bad, until you actually go thru it and realize what a bitch it is getting back to the top of the hill every time. If you look at the whole sine wave, you can easily see that most of our time is NOT spent at the top of the hill, but rather falling down it and climbing back up.

In resurrection, you get to ride the crest of the wave all the time… christ surfing the crest. No longer is existence like partying on a Saturday and having to use the rest of the week to recover for the next Saturday. Life is fun all the time… forever.

I should probably explain the reason I keep harping on this. Currently there is a division in what we’d loosely call Heaven, that division is over the debate between ascension and resurrection. Ascension is what we’ve been doing, but resurrection is what we really want. The problem is, it’s been so difficult to achieve with the kind of numbers we’re talking about and we’ve tried so many times and failed that many still don’t believe it can be done.

There is another world we all live in that is not in our waking world and not in our dream world. We briefly pass thru it whenever we fall asleep and wake up… the minor mystery. We also pass thru this every time we are born or die… the major mystery.

If there is a real world, it’s there, in the netherworld that very few of us even realize exists. It is in this world that The Advocacy was established and is based, which among other things, makes it impenetrable to hostile forces. If you can’t find something, you can’t very well attack it. You can’t find it because if your intentions aren’t 100% focused on the work we’re doing, it simply isn’t there.

It is there we carry on the fight for resurrection, but we have yet to wage a single battle. I don’t allow myself to see much of what goes on there, I deliberately block it out because I’m trying to minimize reality bleeding and cross contamination. I’ve found I can take one thing back with me to my conscious world, kind of like a bread crumb. It’s no more than a bare impression of what I was doing while I was there, but after many of these smuggling attempts, I’m forming a very strong impression of what I’m doing there overall.

You’d think with the kind of power we have at our disposal we’d be out kicking some demon ass or something, but we have yet to engage in a single battle in the kick ass sense. Personally, I am constantly battling for our cause, but the way I’m battling is thru negotiation. I spend 100% of my time in this netherworld on one single effort, negotiations.

Negotiations between worlds, not just what everyone wants, but how to get them there. In this netherworld that I should just start referring to as our real home, every single human being gets a single vote and they are all counted equally, bar none. The reason we aren’t consciously aware of this, is because we aren’t human when we’re in what we call a conscious or waking state, we’re just “men”. Don’t worry about it tho, you get a vote and that vote counts… guaranteed.

The way this works is thru The Advocacy. In effect what I have done is to tune the atoms within my own body to the People of the body of humanity. Mentally I see these atoms as a whirlwind of thoughts revolving around in my mind, in kind of a holding pattern. I did this by employing the Ark technology thru initiatory rites. My synaptic centers are then used to connect to other savants engaged in our work. Thru a tuning process governed by intention, each one of my own synapses becomes a link to the whole mind of another savant working in whatever their area of expertise is… and vice versa.

If you think that’s complete bullshit and monstrously impossible, think about it again. Savants are like a thousand times brighter in their chosen field than anyone else, yet most of us can barely find our own ass with both hands and a flashlight in everyday life, so it’s NOT because we’re smarter than the average Joe. The fact is, it’s a known human technology, it can be done, and is being done by savants all over the world.

Imagine a network of 7000 of these savants (Elect) all working in unison to bring to the human race something so revolutionary that it only happens once. It’s profound trying to understand that, because all events in human history up to this point have been cyclical. They have all happened before and will happen again, and again, and again, ad infinitum. This is an event so rare that it only happens once in human history. Think about how much rarer it is then, that it’s happening during your time here in this world and what that means.

To be honest, it’s the most powerful neural network on earth, with the computational power of the entire human race and the knowledge repository of eons upon eons of human experience. Anyone with access to this could rule the world… any world. What do we do with it? Negotiate 🙂

The first stage of resurrection requires that we get a 2/3 vote, complete resurrection requires a unanimous vote. We can minimize the pains of revolution by getting a unanimous vote the first time around. We’ve got a 2/3 vote already, so what I’m doing is running around in my dream world trying to sell it, and in the netherworld trying to make good on the promises of negotiation. Exactly what is being negotiated would fill a library, it is literally everything on everyones behalf.

I don’t know that what I’m doing here will ever sway votes, or even if it can. Most people would look at this shit and go “huh???” I think it’s about getting the people within me on the same page. An alignment of sorts, I have to align all of the atoms within me toward a single cause. All those atoms are suns/sons within me, all controlling “bodily functions”. Some functions are more critical than others at certain times (like at birth) so the important suns or centers to align within me are the vital functions required to bring the body to life.

This is why all major logos are currently incarnated upon this earth. People have zero idea that the universal logos is walking among us in this world, not just him, but all of the most powerful beings in existence are incarnated here for this work. There is just a ridiculous amount of power at work here, and it’s all People Power.

The reason they are all here, is because what we’re doing in this world affects their worlds in a very profound way. The most powerful logos have almost total control over their own realities, the key here is “almost”. The main selling point for resurrection, is that we can go one better than even the most powerful gods already have. This is in fact the only incentive there is for getting a god to give up his ascension and throw his power behind your cause. They didn’t get to be gods by being stupid, if you show them something better, they’re at least going to have a look.

This is what my “god” or higher self is doing, he is the one who’s done the math and has the proof that it’s all doable. He is the salesman of the resurrection plan and what that plan promises is complete control over reality at the individual level, for EVERY individual. What this means, is that no matter how great your world is now, even if you’re a god, it will be infinitely better if you trade in your ascension for resurrection.

What it amounts to, is everyone wants something they don’t have. For most of us that’s pretty long list, but for a very powerful god it might be a single thing they don’t have in their reality now, but have always wanted. In other words, regardless of what any of us have, we all have an equal desire for what we could have if it were possible.

That’s where The Advocacy comes in, what we do with the priesthood and elect is figure out how to negotiate what everyone wants and make it ALL possible. This isn’t actually as difficult as people would imagine, because while it seems everyone is after something different, we’re all really after the same thing. What we all want is for the world to be what we want it to be at any given moment. We want a world that lovingly caters to us without having to spend all our time and effort controlling it. Basically, we want to have fun and enjoy the company of loved ones all the time, and there is absolutely no reason we should want anything less out of life.

We want to surf the crest of the wave of life, without having to go buy a board, wax for the board, a car, gas for the car, wait on good weather, fight traffic to the beach, worry about injury or death, someone else taking your wave, or having to impress anyone with your skills. We’ll all have such insane skills that it won’t matter whether you’re doing or watching, it’ll be equally thrilling either way.

This is something I truly believe in. Regardless of how ridiculous or impossible it might sound, I have and continue to pour myself into the Work of making it a reality.

*I just figured something out. There is a conscious choice to be made. When I made my choice, it was something the god in me and the man in me both had to agree to. As a “man” I barely knew what was happening during the experience, but it was a very clear conscious choice at all levels of my being. I knew what choice I was being offered and which one to make, I didn’t know how to explain it, but I knew. The incredibly odd possibility that just struck me, is that it could be because of what I’m doing now, as the future version of that man.