Who is God?

In a word – YOU

The real question should be “who are you?

Let’s look at gods in myth. I loved Joseph Campbell, he was the only mythology professor in the entire public educational system that actually got what all those myths were about.


The oldest name for God in myth is “Hu”. It is in fact where the word “Human” comes from, it literally means “God in Man(ifestation)” Say it phonetically and it even sounds like “you”.

When you talk to God in your head, who are you really talking to? Be simple and honest about it… you’re talking to yourself thru your own trinity.

What do gods do in myths? All they really seem to be able to control in the world of men is circumstances. God only controls circumstances and Man only controls what can be done within any given set of circumstances – what we call free will

You may not want to believe that you’re god (tho no more or less so than anyone else) but you’ll never be able to control the circumstances around you if you keep thinking God is something completely removed from you.

This is the one failing I see in every new age teaching. They all have a different politely correct term for it… god, life force, the source, the universe, the divine, etc. What they never tell you (because they’re afraid to go there) and what makes any other info they’re delivering all but useless, is that it’s YOU.

Pretty clever really, how can you control something you can’t ever find, much less see or touch?

You can and do control the circumstances in your life, when you combine this with the ability to use any set of circumstances to your advantage you pretty much have the tools necessary to completely control the world around you, because the world around you IS you.

Here’s how you’re doing it…

Your mind is rotating thru the 3 aspects of your trinity all the time, just like the Zodiac. About a third of the time we’re playing God. Everyone no matter their position in life gets in positions of authority throughout any given day. It is what you do when your in a position of authority in these moments that controls the circumstances you endure. The reason we NEVER pick up on this and put 2 and 2 together is because we think we’re doing it to someone else. You can actually experiment with this and prove it to yourself.

It’s probably going to be more subtle than you’re expecting, you might not see it as a position of authority. A more obvious example of a position of authority would be one where you’re controlling another’s actions thru your own. We savor it even more if there’s nothing they can do about it. An example of this could be driving 55 in the left lane on the highway and blocking everyone behind you that wants to go faster.

You’re not blocking them, you’re blocking yourself. To look for the effects, you wouldn’t look for someone doing exactly the same thing to you the next day, that’s not how it works or we’d have all figured it out by now. You look for the basic or elementary action, you’d look for it as some type of action that blocks something you want to do in your life.

A more subtle example would be what I’m doing here. There is a part of me that has already figured all of this out. I allow that part of me to occupy a position of authority in order to teach the rest of myself what is going on. I get the gist of all this stuff in an academic sense but I need to teach myself how to apply it and that’s what I’m doing here. It’s not the words you’re seeing that are doing it, it’s the magical or symbolic gesture behind it.

In my life everything I do is a symbolic gesture, nothing is ever what it seems to be on the surface. I suspect that’s true for all of us, it’s certainly true for the human race and what we’re up to here. On the surface it doesn’t make sense, but when you look at the symbolic gestures underneath it all and begin to understand them, it starts making a whole lot of sense.

There are other mitigating factors, like attitude, emotional state, intentions, and the amount of will force applied, but that’s essentially how it works.

I got lucky in figuring it out. Being autistic I was very strongly focused on teaching people a lesson when they offended me. I never wanted to harm anyone or wished them harm, I just wanted to teach them a lesson. Well, it took over 40 years of doing it but I finally figured out who was actually getting all those lessons… Me.

It was the right thing to do, I’ve put them all to good use. There is also a lesson here in messing with your own creative forces. Don’t ever try to outsmart your own God, there is a reason if you don’t know how this works and you should always know why you’re doing something before you go changing it and messing everything up.

Even when revealing the truth to yourself, there is a definite order that must be followed. For instance, I know, and we probably all know at some level that we’re in complete control of everything in our reality. The begging question is, if we control it and can make any reality we want, why create a world that sucks, full of conflict, strife and suffering? You need to figure that out within yourself to your own satisfaction BEFORE you figure out how to change it or you will fuck up your own creative process at a point where it was nearly complete and have to start all over.

There are no cheats, no exploits, no shortcuts, just a lot of hard work. The good news is, all the blood, sweat, and tears are worth it a thousand times over and that’s why we do it.