One Flower

Imagine a garden, and in this garden grows a lone flower that is one of a kind. In all of creation there is but one of these flowers. It only blooms when conditions are absolutely perfect, an event so rare that we only know of it from ancient legends and lore. Imagine how beautiful it would be if it ever did bloom.

Now imagine the flower all of the sudden produces a bud. It would literally be news of a universal event. As word gets around an interested crowd begins to form to witness a singularly unique event in human history. At first some will say “it’s just a flower” until they comprehend its true significance. Eventually the entire universe is in audience with eager anticipation and high expectation.

Now imagine the Earth as the garden and mankind as the flower. We have formed a bud that’s about to bloom… our own Humanity. News travels fast and the entire cosmos awaits a universal event with eager anticipation and high expectation.

What we are about to do is absolutely guaranteed to exceed ALL expectations.

One Flower 🙂