Real Magic

Intentions are everything when it comes to performing what we call magic. Not the slight of hand or illusory tricks of a stage magician. I’m talking about high ritual magic – using very small gestures to make very big things happen.

You can’t fake your intentions. You can try to mask your real intentions to others but YOU always know your real intentions.

The First Principle of Ritual Magic:

No matter who or what you THINK the “target” of your magical act is, the real target is and can only be YOU. Understanding this will help you generate the real intentions necessary to perform the highest magical act there is, the transfiguration of the Human Soul – the Resurrection of all Life within you.

This entire blog and everything about it from every conceivable angle symbolically represents something I’m trying to do to help achieve my own Resurrection. I’d like to say that’s not going to affect anyone else’s world here, but I can’t. The very idea of resurrection suggests that you can’t do it alone, for better or worse we’re harmonically coupled. All we can do is use it to our best advantage and remember ALWAYS what we’re trying to do here.

That being said, in the interest of transparency and honesty here’s one thing I hope to accomplish with this blog.

It’s not what I’m saying here that matters. Actions speak louder than words, for one because they reveal true intentions, words generally mask them. I try to get them to match as closely as possible here, but if you really want to follow what’s going on, pay attention to what I’m doing, not just what I’m saying.

In order to achieve my own resurrection, I need the whole human race to achieve it. It’s a sad fact when you look at what we’re facing, but true. I might be among the first to realize this, but as each individual here figures out the same thing, this revolutionary movement gains a momentum that cannot be stopped until the whole of humanity has been transformed into what we truly are and were always supposed to be.

Phase one of our plan was to access the knowledge kept hidden from us. That’s been and is being done. Phase two is distribution of that knowledge in a usable form. I’m pretty idealistic but even I realize that I’m not going to be able to explain all this by myself, it just isn’t physically possible, nor is it realistic to believe that this stupid little blog is going to reach everyone from every angle.

What I am able to do tho, is use it as a magical gesture to carry out my (our) intentions. I’m hoping at least, that the gesture of trying to bring this knowledge to light here, has the “effect” of pushing this information thru the mainstream media. I mean all of it, TV, movies, music, games, and the biggest electronic voodoo doll of them all – the internet. I say the effect because I’m really exercising a drawing function behind it to create what seems like a push. I want it to be in it’s crude and raw form for both accurate representation and transparency.

It’s the attempt, the try that drives it. The more Will force (it’s just willpower in action) applied, the stronger my intentions. The stronger my intentions, the more likely it is to succeed. The accuracy of the correspondences is important because that’s your targeting mechanism. So you’re driving your own car, your intentions are steering where you want it to go, your Will is the motor that powers it, and the accuracy of your correspondences is like the detail of your map and directions.

There are also forces within and without that have to be dealt with. Some of those forces oppose what we’re trying to do (known collectively as the antichrist) and others support our cause. We need to use all those forces to achieve what we’re trying to do (Annuit Coeptis – Our daring Work is supported by All) and that means communication must be established. Part of what the symbolic correspondences here are designed to do is “correspond” with the intelligences behind these forces so we can bring everyone to the same negotiating table.

I’m communicating what The Advocacy’s position is, where we’re at with things and what we’re asking from those currently in power – the head priests of the seven sacred orders. They should communicate back, thru the mainstream media, with a symbolic handshake and response. Assuming we understand each other’s correspondences or language, that communication will be established and we can get down to the real Work.

Don’t get freaked out by all this, WE are the ones doing it… all of it. This is what Humanity is doing to put the People back in control of their own world(s). The People aren’t sheeple, we have always been in control, we’re just asserting that control and taking back our world.

I’m just trying to help show you what we’re up to. A lot of stuff here is going to seem impossible and unbelievable. I can assure you it’s not, we are masters of the impossible and once you start to see that, you will truly believe that anything is possible. I want to be as honest and transparent about everything as I can. There are still some security issues we’re concerned about, but once communication is established those should resolve themselves.

Welcome to the world of ritual magic! Just remember that “real” magic is based on “real” intentions.