The Seasons of the Son

Breathe in – the Rise or Spring

We breathe in until our lungs are full and hold the air for a moment – Summer

Breathe out – the Fall or Fall

We breathe out until our lungs are empty and hold the emptiness for a moment – Winter

Where we’re at is the dead of winter, holding our emptiness with our heart in stasis, in a trance between the dead and the sleeping. We’re fighting to remember who we are, to break the spell upon us so we can rise up put of our graves and restore the universe to its rightful owner… Humanity.

We are Ta Meri, the immortal ancient masters of eternity, keepers of the Human Heart, and we are waking up. Gods will tremble in our presence and shake the mighty Mount Olympus to the ground. Gods are but landlords and men merely tenants, we – Humanity, are the rightful owners of all that is, has ever been, or ever will be.