The Truth that will Piss You Off

What is Truth?

I mean really, in a made up world of make believe, wtf is really true? Nothing is real, so if everything is false, what truth can there be to it?

That everything is made up, that IS the truth. You create and maintain this entire reality, everything you experience and know of, in your own imagination.

THAT is the truth that will piss you off and then set you free.

Truth means we can drop the blame game that’s keeping this world in conflict and suffering. Nobody has ever done anything to anyone else so you can stop blaming the world around you for what you endure… YOU’RE DOING IT. You can also stop feeling guilty for what you’ve done to others that you’d never do to yourself… you ARE doing it to yourself.

I’ve heard all the arguments against this, both internally and externally. Without exception they are based on emotional vestments in, and attachments to, a reality that isn’t even “real”.

I’ve also done the math, I know what MUST be true by way of cross referencing all available data. It is the only reasonable conclusion because it is the only one that makes sense.

Look at your world – who is at the center of it? Who else could be creating it?

Even once you accept it in an academic sense, applying it is a bitch. Your mind is fighting it’s own inertia. You want to believe it because it means the power to control your world if it is true, but then you don’t want to believe it because it means completely going against everything you know. Going against everything you’ve come to believe in to try to figure this out is hard, really hard. It’s a bit like grabbing your own belt and trying to lift yourself off the ground with it, it seems futile but you just have to keep trying.

You’ll get frustrated and want to give up plenty of times, but if complete control of the world around you is enough incentive over living whatever life you’ve been living here, you won’t. You’ll keep pressing, keep looking for evidence to support the math and bit by bit, you’ll find it.

It takes constant internal coaching and you will fail over and over at first. If you’re like me you trust your math so you press on even more determined. My mind KNOWS it is capable of figuring ANYTHING out. If you tell me something is possible but not achievable that’s game on for my mind.

You’ll start paying a lot closer attention to what you’re doing trying to figure out the mechanics of how it works. You won’t be just dropping the blame game like a hot potato at first, your own trigger time prevents you from interceding. You’re so quick to blame the world around you for literally everything (good and bad) that it’s impossible to stop it in the act. The deed is done before you’ve had a chance to intervene in your own actions.

It seems to take forever but eventually you become like a mental athlete, constant coaching hones your agility and skills and you start winning those matches. You’ll start “catching” it here and there, noticing what you’re doing and how it is affecting your world. The more you notice the harder you work to figure it out and put it into practice.

As you stop fighting (blaming) the world around you, it actually starts helping you, sharing her secrets with you and supporting what you’re doing. Now at least, the warrior bold is no longer so staunchly defending and protecting ignorance. He wants to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

That’s kind of where I’m at right now. I haven’t figured it out, but I’m figuring it out and know I will. I haven’t proven it yet, but I’m proving it and know I will. Never underestimate a highly determined individual with a plan.