Trial and Error

Let’s say you wanted to know, to really figure out what’s going on here. It means learning, and a lifetime of nothing but learning. We learn best from our mistakes, so wanting to know probably means a lifetime of mistakes. In fact, you would have to make as many mistakes as humanly possible, but you’d also have to survive them. It would be an art and science, a Work of the highest calibre when you think about it.

Work means effort, effort means trying and trying means failing. Failing is making mistakes, which is error. Trial and Error are partners in a clever dance. The harder you try the more you fail, the more you fail the harder you try. It’s probably why people give up and quit trying, it’s a lot of humiliating and seemingly fruitless labor.

If you persevere and survive all those mistakes with your individuality and spirit intact, you’ve learned something. In fact you’ve learned a LOT and learned well by doing it the hard way. It’s very simple math in theory, but a bitch in practice. The more mistakes you make the more you’ll learn… guaranteed if you survive them and we have. In doing everything wrong we may in fact be doing the one thing we came here to do right.

So who are the screw ups now?