Sacred Bonds

There are only two relationships I consider sacred in this world… a Man and his God, and a boy and his dog. One to help me reach my highest aspirations, the other to keep me firmly anchored in my heart.

What about marriage?

It’s true there is physical marriage but it is a mundane not a sacred bond. Sacred marriage is between you as an individual (male) and the collective (female) within you and is not possible in a purely physical sense. It is a perfect “arrangement” between you and yours and can only happen in a Christic (crossed) state of consciousness.

The girl of my dreams isn’t “here” in this physical world, she’s concealed behind a veil within my own consciousness. In some ways I can see my entire life as a courting ritual, working my charms to win her favor even tho neither of us is allowed see the other before the wedding. Our true soul mate isn’t one of the other souls around us, it’s ALL the other souls around us.

So that’s the sacred quest for love and until we find our true love we’re on that quest. Two things are needed on this quest, a good guide and a traveling companion willing to go anywhere with you. A man on a quest for love needs both a God and a doG that won’t let him down.