The Great Deception

I’m not even sure what I’m on about yet, mostly a little play on words.

We are apparently conceived to be deceived. I don’t believe that there can be any great deception coming, I think it happened a long time ago when we started believing this world was real.

What’s happening within me is changing my perception of things and thus my reality. Is that a deception or rescue from the deception that has already occurred? My gut instinct is the latter. For one thing, what would be the purpose of deceiving a bunch of zombies who’ve already been fooled?

Why would the Elite want your money? They create money out of nothing so why go to all the trouble of impoverishing people to get back what came thru (not from) them in the first place? They couldn’t care less about money, what they care about is the flow of money because it represents blood in the Body of Humanity.

Blood can also be seen as the flow of electricity that powers all life. It is literally the “vital fluid” of every living thing. We know that the flow of blood in our body is controlled and by design because it follows defined pathways. What we are really looking at is a macrocosmic view of that design. It’s meant to represent what is going on within our own Body.

The New Earth (Heart) of the New Man. Zoom out far enough and what is going on here can be seen as a heart transplant operation. If there were ever a “most vital operation ever” performed on the Body of Humanity, this would be it. I believe banks are acting in the capacity of blood banks in support of this operation. Naturally this much blood is going to attract vampires, but here again, let’s not jump to conclusions.

If you look at the function of the Heart, it is constantly sucking blood out of the Body only to pump it back in. We don’t see that sucking out as vampirism, but it is exactly that from an external view. It is yet another basic bodily function that has been externalized and individualized so we may see our Self and all the hidden wonders within from an objective point of view.

I believe the Great Deception is that we were conceived. I think our own conception was a deception. The deception is the ascension/reincarnation cycle itself, and the only way out is thru resurrection. The difficulty with that is, it is very hard to tell the difference sometimes when we’re already under the spell. That’s what signs and watchers are for tho, and we seem to know what to look for.

I believe our true conception involves a living and breathing “reception” into a tribe of our own people, not the deception of birth and death as we’ve come to see it.

Come Be with Us