Things Happen For a Reason

Nobody says “things happen from a reason” because it sounds stupid, yet that’s what we are all supposed to believe.

If things really did happen as a result of something else then we wouldn’t have the single biggest flaw in scientific theory still haunting us.

Let’s go all the way back to what modern (popular) science says was the very first event, the one that supposedly caused all other events to follow… the Big Bang.

The problem here is according to what we’ve been taught there’s a giant conflict. On one hand we’re taught that every event is caused by a preceding event. On the other hand, we’re taught that the whole thing started with a single event that had no precedent… like a chain reaction with nothing to ignite it. We’re also taught and supposed to accept that science has no explanation for this. Really?

Of course it doesn’t, if it did, they couldn’t get away with calling it science. Instead they muddy the waters by over complicating the fuck out of everything they are supposedly trying to explain with shit like quantum mechanics and string theory that nobody including the people that made it up can make any sense out of.

I’m coming from the same school of cause and effect, I was a firm believer in the way it was taught to us because it made sense when you looked at it from that angle. It’s still hard to get away from the mode of thinking that the bad shit we’re going thru is because we did something wrong to cause it. As much as it sounds like “just plain common sense” it isn’t, it’s complete bullshit masquerading as common sense.

So why are we taught the way we are?

I think it’s the old crook and flail again. Since we lose sight of our new creation while we’re creating divisions, it doesn’t make much of a carrot. If the horse can’t even see the carrot you need to use the whip to get him motivated. We can’t figure out the cause of anything because we can’t see the one in front of us from our tiny little divisional perspective, and the one behind us is invisible because it doesn’t exist. Well, you can’t just stand there doing nothing in a race, so we create a whip out of clever nonsense for motivational purposes.

It’s all good, and as stupid as it might appear, it works as intended. Once we get into re-unifying all the divisions we created within ourselves, we begin to see just how brilliant some of the stupid shit we do really is.