Why I Don’t Vote

Since it’s that time of year, I get asked the question a lot by people that think I’m giving up some god given right and doing a disservice to myself and my fellow Americans by refusing to vote for their guy.

I’m actually exercising my god given right. There is no law anywhere that I’m aware of that says I have to cast my ballot for any candidate that is running against anyone or anything.

I’m for everything and I want everyone to win. That’s my vote and you don’t get it by presenting me with 2 polished turds and telling me to pick which one looks shiniest. It all still looks like shit to me and given the stench of corruption emanating from it, I’d say that’s probably what it is.

If there is one lesson that has been hammer-drilled into me, it’s to stand my ground in the middle and not take sides. It’s not easy, everyone in this world wants you to take their side. Standing firm in between can earn you a thorough beating from both sides as they each attempt to sway you their way. It’s been said that you must choose a side and I have, but it’s not either side.

We are clearly gearing up for war, a war like we’ve never seen since this world began. The war to end all wars is a Holy (whole) war and that’s the “side” I’ll be on. What I will declare war upon is any threat impeding our progress toward christic consciousness and holy resurrection. A word to grave robbers… we the sheeple are about rise up out of our graves to rain holy hell upon you, and that’s a promise from One who has never broken his Word.

Think of it this way, as a being of a dual nature, do you really want to abandon or kill half of your own nature by taking any other side? Would you be a little crushed if you made the wrong decision just as every opposite within you was preparing to unite in a love embrace?

Then there is the E Pluribus Unum thing and recognition of the power of position. Any individual acting as a mean average within the human race becomes a pivotal point for the whole thing. If he throws his weight toward either side it can potentially throw the whole thing off balance. I say potentially because there is also the potential “hero save” with good acrobatic skills post screw up, but that’s usually a pants shitter that just serves to reinforce why you shouldn’t take either side.

There’s also the fact that it just doesn’t matter to me who is in what public office. Whatever will be will be and that’s what there is to deal with. It also doesn’t matter because with or without my vote the race is fixed. Why should I waste my time going thru the motions if it isn’t going to make a difference one way or the other?

What does make a difference is the gesture of standing your ground in the face of the enemy. By refusing to vote for either side, I’m intentionally and effectively casting my vote for the whole of humanity. Like I said, I’m for everything and I truly want everyone to win this race. Mostly because it’s the only way I get to win.