Message from the Spoonbenders

The spoonbenders of this world have come out of their corner swinging, and we’re going to be punching a few holes in this so called “reality” that is sucking the life out of us.

One way of looking at what we’re up to is from an elemental perspective. You could think of our current reality as a “solid state” of matter.

We are beginning to liquify that solid state. As a result your “reality” should be feeling more and more plastic and less rigid with each passing day.

This means you can begin to mold and shape it into anything you want it to be.

We would suggest that this is the time when you want to start thinking outside of your box. Think about what you truly want your world to be and do not limit yourself by what you currently believe is possible. Limit yourself by focusing on that which is in your heart to do and be.

This is about removing the chains that bind you, and keeping the one that anchors you.