We know full well that we’re dead and buried, that much we have figured out.

When I think of what I’m buried in it’s my Work, when I think of what I’m buried under it’s layer upon layer of mass confusion.

I know that I will never rise up out of the pit I’m in until I finish my Holy Work. My Work is Whole Understanding, the only sword capable of cutting thru the confusion keeping us down.

I believe we are closer than we think to completing our internship, which will end our internment forever. Holy Resurrection, the entire Mass of Humanity rising up out of our grave, leaving the vipers to crawl an empty pit with no way out. At that point their very lives will depend upon the mercy and compassion of the lowered reaching down to lift them in our ascent.

There is a Mass Uprising in the Works, a Massive Revolution on a Mass Scale of Massive Proportion. Humanity is rapidly approaching critical mass. We have been dying for the Day of the Lowered… in fact we sacrificed our very Life for it 🙂