Punching Stupid People

In my quest for knowledge I sometimes get a little frustrated and pissed off at the lack of real communication between people. I see people doing things in ways that seem totally irrational to me and the frustration comes from trying to understand why they’re doing things the “stupid way”. You can’t just ask them because they themselves don’t know why they do things in stupid ways. It’s this lack of communication making understanding inaccessible that pees me off.

Necessity is the mother of invention and I’ve learned ways to overcome this communications barrier. The reason I even want to is because people including myself have very strange ways of doing things or “customs”. It’s easy to see someone doing something stupid and just assume they are and label them as an idiot, but I hate doing things the easy way. I want to understand why they’re doing things the way they are so I can understand my own idiosyncrasies. The alternative is to keep assuming it’s because I/We truly are all idiots too stupid to know better.

Psychic ability comes from being sensitive to the world around you. It isn’t that I’m doing anything to foster psychic ability, it’s what I’m not doing that allows me to do what I do. Our minds are like TVs able to tune into any station in Life, each world being like a channel on your TV and in fact the “way” to and from other worlds is thru channels created by focused thought… what we understand physically to be wormholes. This world is a bit different because it contains all worlds so you can’t really tune into it by narrowing your mental focus, you have to do just the opposite and spread your focus over the entire spectrum. What I’m NOT doing most of the time is tuning the whole world out by focusing on a part of it.

The most difficult people for me to communicate with are my polar opposites, those that are so focused on a single aspect of life that they become insensitive to almost everything else. These are the people that just don’t or won’t notice the subtleties of life around them and how their actions are affecting others. It’s not that they’re incapable, they’re just being insensitive, some to the point where nothing short of a punch in the face gets thru to them.

I’m generally opposed to literally punching someone in the face because it hurts and I don’t like getting punched in the face myself. Mentally it’s a different story, I’ll invite any man into my kiva for a good mental sparring match. This is how and why I got so good at pushing people’s buttons, I mean the big red one that sets them on fire. Finding and hitting that button in people that don’t respond to anything milder is what I call a “punch” because it punches a hole thru the bullshit so we can establish some meaningful communication. The reason people often want to punch me for this act but rarely do, is because it’s allowed by them. The punch is an invite to my kiva to hash things out thru mental angles, if you respond at all it is acceptance of the challenge.

Just like punching someone in the face for real and the real fight that ensues, this can be rather painful to go thru. Everyone knows what it’s like to really bear down on someone with hate or anger in their thoughts, that feeling in your gut like you’ve been poisoned. It’s not that I like going thru it or putting anyone else thru it but I will if I really want to know something about you and you’re not forthcoming because it creates a direct communication channel between us. You have two people intently focused on each other on a purely mental level, none of the physical impediments to real communication. It’s a heart to heart talk between two people that have reason to. It’s just you and I in a kiva sweating it out until we understand one another. The only way in or out is thru a hole in the top that is only big enough to let one man thru at a time. It’s just you and I in a fair match with no external bullshit involved.

I’m not doing anything we don’t all do to each other every day and in reality we’re doing it to ourselves, I just think I’ve kind of discovered it’s true purpose instead of just assuming we’re all idiots and letting it go at that. There is also the correspondence component, I have to somehow match how esoteric knowledge has been obtained by the Aryan race (this refers to a stage of our development, NOT racial bloodlines). A prime example of this in the world was the Nazis scouring the world for esoteric knowledge and the means by which much of it was acquired. It’s pretty obvious that much of what they obtained was by force but the very fact that they were successful indicates they were operating within natural and spiritual laws, meaning it was allowed at the divine level.

I don’t really consider myself a prizefighter, but in the case of my own fight, the prize is turning out to be one worth fighting for.