A Puzzle

Most people know that there are some instances of 13 on the back of a one dollar bill, for example…

  • 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis
  • 13 letters in E Pluribus Unum
  • 13 arrows in the eagle’s talon
  • 13 leaves on the olive branch
  • 13 olives on the olive branch
  • etc

There are actually 13 instances of 13, some require a bit of creative thinking to discover but they’re all there. You can google for them, but the most you’ll find listed is about 7 or 8, the five I listed and perhaps 2 or 3 more.

The pyramid and eye are often attributed to the Illuminati, but I’ve never heard of any group or sect claiming any of the symbolism as their own. For the most part the symbols tell what is being done more so than who is doing it. They are describing humanity’s attempt to go for resurrection against all odds and succeeding. In the end, you’re the one doing it.

There is however a notable exception.

Since the human race began there has been a small but growing sect of people that devoutly believe in resurrection. When they were the Essenes they numbered around 200, when they were the Druids several hundred more, when they were the Templar Knights it was in the thousands, since then they have disappeared into the fabric of society. You won’t find them within a single group because that just paints a big red bullseye on their forehead.

The are the Keepers of the Flame, the warrior priests of the 13th tribe. They bear the torch of the Human race, and when one goes down another takes his place. Notice that the 13 instances of 13 are underlying or woven into ALL the other symbolism. That tells me no matter how many secret orders are involved and controlling parts of the Work, the 13th tribe is always in control of the whole Work.

Who is the 13th tribe?

There was originally one single unified human tribe that split into twelve divisions. There was never a 13th tribe in addition to the other twelve, it was all twelve of them together as one tribe. After the division one god became 12 gods, one for each tribe. The whole One God thing was rekindled by the 13th tribe, it may have even started with a single individual “keeper of the flame”. The movement all but died many times, existing like a candle in the wind until it was revived back in Egypt’s new kingdom by the pharaoh Akhenaten. At the time there were 12 mystery schools that taught how to get thru the afterlife (this is the afterlife btw, it’s not after you die here, you’re in it now). Akhenaten sacrificed Egypt itself to establish the 13th mystery school but without that sacrifice the movement would have died. Akhenaten was a true keeper of the flame.

The 13th tribe we’re talking about here is really a movement involving a “sect” of rogue members of the 12 tribes collectively working together to reunify them. This movement is “initiated” by the People, the whole of humanity… the real 13th tribe.

The Bible refers to them as the Elect. There is an exact ratio of these people in the global population, 1 in a million. Sometime between now and October of this year the Earth’s population will hit critical mass, the magic 7 billion number. Why is it magic? Because 7000 people of like mind and a single cause can change this world forever… and we will. We are the captain and crew of the warship God and we fight with and for the People against anything opposing the resurrection of the entire Human race. After eons of getting our asses handed to us by the secret orders of the world, we now have them in a position where their only prudent choice is to help us.

I’ve given the challenge to a lot of people to find all 13 instances, nobody has ever found them all and I never reveal it if they don’t find them on their own. It’s possible that the only way to find them all is by thinking like one of us (savants on a resurrection mission) but to be honest they’re all right there in plain sight. I suspect anyone sufficiently interested in knowing what all that rather odd symbolism is really about, can figure it out on their own.