The Work

Work is effort… period. “The Work” is effort guided by divine purpose… ours.

Electro-mechanically speaking, effort is the mechanical generation of power. This can only be achieved by going against yourself. The more you go against yourself the more effort it takes and the more power you generate. Real work is a bitch, especially given the power requirements of our divine purpose.

Because everything is symbolic, you can trade your work for money because money corresponds with blood which corresponds with electrical current, that’s why we call it “currency”. The trade off is anything you swap for money isn’t being applied toward growing the divine spark within you. Growing the divine spark also means increasing your own electrical capacitance allowing it room to grow. Think of electrical capacitance as a way to save your work, like a capacitor or battery “saves” electricity.

Storing the power you generate is a yet another form of work, because it creates an incredible amount of electrical tension. That feeling we all get sometimes of barely being able to contain ourselves and wanting to explode is due to this electrical tension. When stories of the Ark of the Covenant tell of sparks flying off it and arcs lashing out at people as if it were possessed, they’re talking about a stupendously massive amount of electrical current focused into a gravitational singularity. This is the Heart of the Earth, this is what we’re globally up to under the overall heading of the Phoenix Project.

The Phoenix Project is the divine purpose guiding our combined efforts. Literally, it is the Body of Humanity coming to life… your body. I’ve experienced this in a virtual sense and it’s like your body has been barely running on a dead battery and someone just plugged you into a wall outlet. You feel supercharged in a way you never did before. Honestly, i felt like freekin Superman.

Our blood is produced in our bones (Skull and Bones anyone?) but the only place it is ever stored is in the heart, and that’s only for a moment until it gets pumped back out thru the body. It is cleaned by the liver, which can barely keep up with laundering all the dirty money in the world. It has to be cleaned because our divine purpose is Holy and pure and The Work requires it.

So, you can look at the Earth as a living black hole with intelligent purpose (ours) compressing the universe around it into a singularity within it, creating in effect a “seed” of the universe. This seed isn’t just any seed, it contains the universe in seed form meaning that it’s compressing everything that’s already been compressed into seed form and compressing all the seeds into a single seed, or universal singularity.

(My way out theory is that we are in fact not on a planet, but on a universal seed ship or “Mother” ship on autopilot in hyperspace. We are currently in suspended animation within the ship’s pattern buffers and it is the ship’s autopilot that is “currently” trying to wake us up. At least we can see ourselves that way and it explains a hell of a lot. Mythically accurate if nothing else.)

So within our Body, our Heart is black, which is the first thing Egypt was trying to point out, “Egypt” means black Earth or black heart. The normal function of the Heart is to regulate the flow and pressure of what powers the life within us. The heart is black because it’s currently gating the power the Body produces into capacitance until we generate enough to bring the Whole Body to life. In this phase it’s a closed system because it’s gating power from the old system into the new system. Seen from another angle it’s the Body of Humanity performing it’s own heart transplant. The “New Earth” of the New Man.

It’s not allowing electricity from the all pervasive electrical field surrounding us to flow thru the body, which is the manna from heaven or food we normally live on as Human beings. The old manna is gone, it’s been entirely encapsulated in us as atoms, the new manna is the singularity under strained capacitance until it is fit for human consumption. Manna, Love, Electricity, Chi, Prana, God Power, the Force… it’s all the same creature and both creature and creator are us. It is the Power of the People.

The Heart of Hearts is pure electricity, it’s us, a Body of Human souls every single one of which represents an entire civilization in seed form. Whatever this place is and whoever we are, we’re all pure heart. In other words, we don’t need power… we ARE power. WE are the power that brings OUR body to life.

Confusing, ain’t it? It’s the us deep within us that we haven’t had the pleasure of knowing for quite some time. You are a Soul containing a Body of souls by virtue of being a mean average of them. This makes you their Native Son, or their Sun, Sol, Soul. Know your Tribe and you will know yourself.

E Pluribus Unum is “The Work” of a Body of People trying to find their Soul.