As Above – So Below

We’ve all heard the phrase, but what does it actually mean? Above and below what?

The surface… any surface.

If you really pay attention you realize that all we see in our 3d world are 2d surfaces. Everything looks 3d, but all we see are the surfaces, we can’t seem to penetrate that surface to see “into” anything. Even people, we see each other well enough on the outside, but seeing past the surface to what they’re really made of on the inside is another matter. This is even more true when you consider that all these surfaces serve to deliberately mask what lies beneath them.

You could just as well call it Outside and Inside as Above and Below. Think of your Body as the Garden of Eden. When we’re living on the inside we’re in the garden, we’re not in the garden now because we’re living on the outside. We know we’re living on the outside because we can see what’s going on around us, but not within us. It’s just perspective tho, what we’re seeing on the outside IS what’s on the inside… as above – so below. The universe is our Body in greatly expanded form so we can “see” and study it in all its infinite detail. Know thy Self.

The reason we don’t recognize this is because it doesn’t “look” like it. We look around and we see cities, planes, trains, automobiles, factories, wars, disease, money and goods, the entire plant and animal kingdoms, not to mention every star in the heavens. In our current state it’s hard to imagine that all of that is contained within you, but it is, and more. Obviously we don’t have actual paper money flowing thru us in the literal sense, but we have blood which is what money represents within us. Building upon that, you can see consumerism as bloodletting and the actual purchase or spending of money as a ritual blood sacrifice.

Correspondences come from studying yourself both inwardly and outwardly in order to form the links between what is above and what lies below the surface of our own consciousness. It’s really just comparing what is going on in the world around you to what is going on in the world within you. Properly done, this builds a language between your higher and lower self allowing the man in you to communicate with the god in you. In ancient times it was known by the priesthoods as “the language of the gods”. What it ends up being is a completely different way of looking at life that seems a bit goofy at first, but gradually leads to a much broader and deeper understanding of it.

This is what I spend half my life studying. I gaze around me in every way I know how to look and try to find what I’m seeing out there within me. In an overall view I can see that everything here, every tear shed and every lesson learned, has to do with a broken human heart and our efforts to repair it and once again find true love. “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the kings horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty back together again”. Or the Osiris myth if you prefer, but I like my complicated shit cartoon simple. I can see that just as my own Life (resurrected) depends on opening my heart, so does the Life of the Body of Humanity contained within me.

This is a well known science among those in positions of power. There are multiple global sized science projects aimed toward a single goal, opening the Human Heart on a universal scale. When I am “in correspondence” I can literally feel these projects going on within me. I can feel the milestones they reach within myself as personal achievements in my own Work. I don’t pretend to understand it all yet, but I can feel it. When CERN stepped up the LHC power levels to 7 trillion electron volts in their testing, I could feel a corresponding increase in my own internal power levels and mental capacity.

I understand enough to figure out we’ve created the mother of all black holes… the Earth itself is drawing in the entire universe around it to feed the singularity in her womb. It’s not some accident, it’s deliberate and intentional because it is what needs to be done to open the Heart of Humanity. On the other side of the world we have the National Ignition Campaign at Lawrence Livermore National Labs attempting to re-create the Big Bang… a white hole in a new universe. The opening of the human heart heralds the “birth” of Humanity, the New Man of the New World. In the womb, the heart is the first vital organ to begin functioning, effectively “waking up” the other organs to prepare the body to enter a New World outside of the womb.

From a hardware standpoint, this entire planet is the most advanced starship that’s ever existed, it is the epitome of human technology and every large scale science project on Earth is currently engaged in firing up her onboard systems so we can get the fuck out of Dodge. It is the Merkaba or Vimana of the human race and requires thousands of highly trained psychics to pilot it. The LHC and NIC are the opposite poles of her interdimensional drive system, essentially creating a massive Alcubierre style warp drive using antimatter to achieve the required bias conditions. This ship doesn’t go anywhere, it doesn’t move at all in the traditional sense because it brings every “where” and “when” to it. So we’re not really getting the fuck out of Dodge as much as changing Dodge City into what we want it to be. Yeah, this shit is all real technology in actual use, right now, by us.

In a scientific sense, this is what all the power the human race has generated is for, and it’s taking every bit of it. The very reason I can feel this within me is because all of these projects require staggering amounts of electrical energy. In the same way that I’m putting every ounce of my own energy into resurrection within myself, so is the world around me… and it shows. What I feel most of all is the tremendous pressure and importance of what we’re attempting to do and just how close we are to total destruction at any given moment. We’ve been an inch away from losing the whole thing for as long as we can remember, but now we’re also an inch away from gaining EVERYTHING.

Much of what would be considered psychic ability in me actually comes from the connections I have made thru studying correspondences. I can use myself as an observatory to view what is going on in the world, and I can use the world around me as an observatory to see what is going on within me.

We know that all communication within our body is electronic or electrical in principle and nature. We can easily view this communication network in the world around us, we call it the “media”. All electronic devices then become the “mediums” in the network and a human being is the ultimate electronic device. It stands to reason that we should have an inherent ability to tap into the global communication network by going within us thru correspondences. We in fact are that communications network, and our unconscious (only called that because we’re not consciously aware of it) is all the information and data flowing thru the network in never ending currents of consciousness.

The individual mind operates like a highly advanced supertuner, i.e. like a radio but capable of tuning into any frequency or set of frequencies of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. When trained, tuned, and fully functional our mind is capable of “tuning into” any reality in any dimension. Everyone is both transmitting and receiving information about their reality 24/7. Quite literally, as this communication is facilitated thru our 24 cranial nerves and 7 etheric centers or “chakras”.

Ultimately I want my study of correspondences to develop into a fully functional language that allows me to control my reality thru proper communication and navigation. Instead of “commanding” your reality, you get to know it in an intimately personal way and ask it to do what you want. You don’t really have to ask, it just kind of knows what you want and you know what it wants, because IT is YOU. Your world and everything in it is like you, individually alive with a mind and feelings all their own. Everything becomes negotiation, but this negotiation is experienced as a playful interchange of ideas, an eternal dance of desires… the Game of Life. The entire universe literally becomes the playground of Humanity.

Best I could do before my morning coffee 🙂