The mass of any object is its atomic weight. I’m going to argue that mass is adamic weight, that the mass of any composite being is the total number of souls collectively making it up.

The mass of any world or even the universe is the amount of souls (atoms/adams) it contains. This isn’t necessarily just physical mass, the reason dark matter even has mass is because it, like everything else, is made up of and by US.

The mass of the Earth is equal to the mass of the entire universe. Sounds like horrible math, but it’s not if you see what we’re collectively doing here. This is also why I believe the Earth is and can only be the Heart and center of the universe. Because its mass is equal to the rest of the universe, it cannot be moved by the rest of the universe unless it chooses to be. This has to be a free will choice. Being the Heart of the universe, there is only one thing that will truly move it… Love.

The Heart falls in love with beauty and nothing else. The strongest heart is the heaviest (greatest mass and magnetic field (gravity) creating the most powerful singularity Humanity has ever conceived) because it will pursue perfect beauty undaunted until it finds it. The beauty this world is looking for is the beauty of all things in harmonic proportion and until we find it, we’re going to keep looking. Earth measures are derived from these ideal proportions (ratios) which are encoded in the measures of the Great Pyramid.

Isis represents the Universe or Body of Humanity in perfect proportion, Osiris is the soul taking measurements. Isis is the Whole Body of Souls calling his name “Oh Sire Us”, a request to be ruled. Ruled in this case means measured, but a part of that measuring IS what we’ve come to think of as being ruled. In order to measure anything you’ve got to get it to sit still long enough to take measurements. This being forced to sit still when we’re really kids that love to play all the time is the oppression we feel from rulership.

We have to measure everything in the universe both in number and in ratio (harmonics) what each soul is and what it is to every other soul. If we didn’t do this, there would be no objective universe in which to see ourselves amongst each other… no way to make a society of souls with individual free will. Without it, our only view of ourselves would be subjective and we wouldn’t even know what free will was.

In a sense time runs out because there is only so long you can make children sit still without letting them play. There is only so much time we have to do all this measuring because we don’t like to sit still, stagnation is death and we love to live life. We’ve gotten an extension on that time thru patience and a collective consensus. Technically we ran out of time, but we’re people and even the strictest rules fly out the window when we’re in love.