Space is Solid

It’s 4:41am and I’m being shown a model of matter. Think of it like a bucket of bucky balls all the same size. They all kind of lay together in this nice lattice structure with interstitial spaces between them. Now imagine filling those spaces in between with bucky balls that exactly fit, filling those interstitial spaces but creating a whole new set of still smaller ones. Fill those with more bucky balls that exactly fitĀ  – ad infinitum. All space is filled, there is no such thing as empty space, it is in fact absolutely solid.

Each successive set of bucky balls is like an order of magnitude, maybe like an octave since life on one order can’t see life on the others because they are in the space(s) in between. We only see, or at least only recognize matter within our own set of bucky balls, we don’t see the matter in the smaller or larger interstitial spaces. There isn’t just “space” but in fact many spaces, all containing yet not containing each other in absolute solidity.

I’m not sure how it all ties in, I was shown the same thing in a slightly different way a few years ago. I get the concept as far as what I’ve explained here, but don’t know what to do with it yet.