What They Won’t Teach You In School

How to think for yourself.

No school IN this world EVER will, it’s not their job.

The only way to learn how to think for yourself, is to use this entire world as a school, NOT by attending one of the schools within it.

We cannot exist without being a member of some school of thought, we all maintain some kind of belief system. We all have individual beliefs that are shared by other individuals creating schools of thought with varying sized memberships. These schools of thought look at things in a certain way, and do things a certain way, based upon their beliefs which wraps back into how we see things.

If you attend any learning institution within this world it’s because you subscribe to the school of thought behind it. Anything you learn there is going to be to support and add membership to whichever school of thought it belongs to. What this means is that you’re quite literally thinking for whoever the principal or headmaster of that school of thought is, not independently for yourself or the whole.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means you are lending your creative power to something you support and believe in. The only potential problem I see with it is that you’re entrusting someone else to apply that power in a way that benefits you and supports what you personally choose to believe. To work collectively, you have to be able to trust others with power… your power. This is all well and good if they are trustworthy, but the only thing you can truly trust is human nature.

Now you can create your own school of thought, but then if it doesn’t support the things others believe in, recess is going to be you sitting on a stump wondering where all the other kids are at and what they’re up to.

The 13th Mystery school IS using the entire world as your “whole university” and not subscribing to any subordinate school upon its grounds. It is the only school in existence that teaches you how to think for yourself because it is a WHOLE school of thought. If you study hard and do your homework while attending this school, you WILL learn to think for yourself.

By this I mean the ability to think completely independent of the collective and with the collective at the same time, so that your thoughts are supporting both. You are thinking for both you and the entire world around you at the same time with no loss to either and nothing at odds. On a mental level, when anyone requires your creative services, you simply respond by thinking about what you love to think about anyway.

All our individual minds will be perpetually occupied with what we adore, and what that will do for both the individual and collective soul is truly magical. The effects will be almost instantly healing and usher in a new era of real holistic living. What we consider to be organically obtained and holistically utilized today isn’t even close, but at least we’re going thru the motions with the right intentions.

The best part is, whatever I see as my ideal life as can be as completely independent or completely integrated with the people around me as everyone wants it to be, including me. This means that not only do you get to do what you want to do, but you get to do it when you want to do it. By its very nature, this also means that everyone gets what they want when they want it and nobody is in the least inconvenienced by it. It’s rather the opposite, because we’re all doing what we love to do, when we most love to do it.

You can sorta see the new economy at work here, the only real commodity being individual creative power and style. When every individual is endowed with unlimited resources of their own special brand and literally everything created is novel and unique, our utopian economic system springs to life in a way we never thought possible.

In the end it probably doesn’t matter, as all schools on common ground are re-aligning themselves with the 13th Mystery school and the new world occupational standards. I don’t think it’s any great wonder why, when you are able to see what this school has produced in its graduating class of 2012.