Who Am I?

Nobody, somebody, everybody… I’m not sure really. I’m just an individual who has spent his entire life in a highly focused effort to figure things out. I’m talking about this world, figuring out just wtf we’re doing here and why. This isn’t just a hobby for me, I have focused every conceivable aspect of my life towards this single endeavor. The whole point of doing this seems to be to share the knowledge gained with the rest of the world.  I’m not fooling myself into thinking I’ve got the whole thing figured out yet, not quite. I am however most of the way there by all accountable signs and I believe success to be eminent. About the only thing I’ve ever truly “known” in my life is that I can, and WILL do this thing I’m trying to do.

I am I guess, a savant because of what I can do in my head. Many savants are lucky in that they are also adept at some form of artistic expression which enables them to bring their ideas into this world. I’ve never enjoyed that advantage, being autistic, it has all been trapped in my head banging at the walls for the last 50 years desperately trying to get out. I have this huge story to tell and I don’t even know where to start because the story doesn’t really have a beginning or end. It is our story, the story of the Human race and what we put ourselves thru to achieve the impossible, it is in fact the greatest story NEVER told.

Due to the nature of what I’m studying and doing, I’m operating just this side of crazy most of the time and that’s probably going to be apparent here. I make no apologies or promises, but I’ll try as best I can to present things in a way that’s useful. I also don’t plan on telling this whole story by my lonesome either, I couldn’t if I wanted to… it’s bigger than big. I do have a posse out there tho, a small but dedicated group of people with a mind to change the world. Hopefully they’ll be jumping on the bandwagon soon to help present things in a better way when I’m struggling.