We the People

Who exactly are the People that The Advocacy represents, the People behind this Revolution?

I’m guessing most people reading this would say it’s a no brainer but it really isn’t, there is a very important distinction to be made here.

When I say People I don’t mean man or men and women, I mean Humans. I mean the real us, Men with godlike powers, Gods who have learned to behave like civilized men… the Priest Kings of Ta Meri that keep an unlimited universe of utterly fantastic worlds in holy (whole) harmonic balance. “We” haven’t actually been born yet, that is the great one time event that is about to change what we know of ourselves and the life around us forever – that IS the Revolution.

Naturally both sides are worried they’re going to be annihilated in the process. You can see this being played out in movies and conspiracy theories. You have “us” worried about the machines (man) we have created taking over, and “us” worried that aliens (Alien = Al-ion = the “god part”) are going to come wipe us out for some reason we can’t even fathom. It’s all myth… modern cultural myth, but myth none the less.

This is Resurrection, the real origin and birth of who and what we are resulting from a sexual union between spirit and matter. Man is a but a container designed to hold a god or spiritual import. This is why we feel imprisoned in these bodies, because we are God(s) imprisoned in flesh, specifically a womb going thru the Human gestation process. The Earth is our mother and has been in labor for some time now, we are now at the point of dilation in the birth process and so far so good, it’s been a difficult but healthy pregnancy. You can see the increasing rate of significant events in the world as labor contractions occurring closer and closer together.

So what is it going to be like, what will we experience?

God by himself, itself, doesn’t need a container per se so what is it that man actually contains? Individuality, the very personality of God is divided into “persons” or people. That’s where Man comes from, he, it, is the smallest individual structure capable of containing the Al(l) within it. Merge them together and you have the whole man or Human. Bring a bunch of those together and you have true human culture and society – the New World of the New Man.

You will still be you, all of your personality and individual nature will be retained… you created them and they are yours by right. What you won’t have, is any limitations on what you can be or do other than the limits you choose for yourself to retain your individual uniqueness. Why limit ourselves if we are gods capable of doing anything we want? The answer after a bit of thought is, why wouldn’t you? It goes back to the difference between freedom and liberty.

It’s also about challenging yourself. When you can literally do anything you wish with the universe around you, why do something easy? Easy equals boring, we want to do something so unique that nobody else can do it, or at least not the way we can. We want to pour ourselves into expressing who and what we are, and we want the whole world to take notice because the whole act is for them as much as our own creative lust.

What dies is what you thought you were, the limitations you thought you had, the desire for something you don’t have, the fear of losing what you do have… in general the idiot who never knew who or what he was or wtf he was doing here to begin with. You will still be you, you’ll just be living your ultimate fantasy instead of everyone else’s nightmare.