Learning to Dance

I’m starting to get a glimpse of things in a musical sense. You can see musical progression in our history. After a single giant cymbal crash it begins as a symphony. The music is like a lullaby, soft, erotic, intoxicating to the soul. Dissonance has been introduced to a state of total harmonic silence, the key note that contains all other notes within its range of harmonics has sounded.

As the music progresses, creation progresses, a myriad of harmonics and tones spring out of silence into existence, each in it’s turn becoming a keynote and bringing forth it’s own series of harmonics. For 1 to become 2 it must also become 1/2, its reciprocal. Thus music, and life, “grow” in opposite directions from One, we see this as division and multiplication… 1,2,3,4,5 – 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5. We see a growing world population but it is the reciprocal of the division occurring within us that we’re really looking at.

From the introduction of a single dissonant tone (Lucifer) eventually springs the entire musical scale of creation. The first note sets the tone of creation, it is neither melody nor beat but the beginning of both. It gradually becomes a melody and as that melody becomes more complex beating is introduced. Like us, the population grows, more percussion and harsher sounding instruments are used, thereby increasing harmonic dissonance… what we see as more conflict and the resultant suffering.

You can see how the progression is going, from classical, to jazz, to blues in all it’s forms, to rock, to hard rock, to metal, to rap and hip-hop, all introducing progressively harsher tones and more violent beating. Once vocals are introduced into music it’s the same trend. It starts out as soft harmonic chanting and progresses thru messages of love and devotion to messages of beating your enemy to death with a bang.

It’s unavoidable, because all of those “beats” are us, our individual heartbeats. Growth means separation, separation brings dissonance but it also means individuality. Perfect harmony isn’t lack of individuality, but rather maximum individuality in a state of cohesive separation. In other words, you can’t have harmony without the music.

It’s pretty easy to see what’s going to happen if things continue unchecked. The beating increases exponentially to the point where the level of harmonic dissonance disassociates all atomic bonds. Creation would literally beat itself to death unless a harmonic balancer is introduced into the system. This harmonic balancer is what Christianity refers to as the Son of Man.

Music is motion… the movement of atoms. Humans are the ultimate atoms because we have control over our own movements. By moving in a way that is contrary to the movements creating dissonance, and from the exact center of the scales of creation, a single atom or person could in fact turn this situation around. This reduces the beating long enough for the system to begin to re-balance itself. All systems are uncomfortable in a inharmonious state and seek a state of harmonic balance. We’re not talking about the complete harmonic silence from which we sprang, we want all the music of life everywhere, we just don’t want it beating us to death.

You can see that to keep this type of “have your cake and eat it too” type of system is probably going to require the services of a harmonic balancer forever. Once a priest always a priest, resurrection means it’s a lifetime position and your lifetime is now forever. This is just another way of looking at christic consciousness, it requires a harmonic balancer within your trinity. What is being balanced is man and his god, without this third person it’s a fight to the death between man and his god with the god usually winning.

All dissonance is removed and you become your god, living in your creation (or rather god’s half of it). You enjoy perfect order, the silence of complete harmony, nirvana… in short, utter boredom once you realize it. It’s spiritual substance abuse, nirvana is basically sitting there reveling in your own creation, masturbating your ego until the high wears off and you realize you have to come back down to reality for another fix… ascension – reincarnation – ascension.

By engaging the third or middle aspect of our trinity, our third “I” we can take control of the music, not by stopping it, but by conducting the orchestra, which at this point is a 7 billion member rock and roll band. I think I’m learning to dance to the whole song of life and it is that very magical dance that is moving contrary to the dissonance of this world. “Give me the beat boys and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away…”.

Honestly, I think if we can find the universal rhythm of life and learn how to dance, we will begin to experience the magic of our divine inheritance.