Make it or Break it

A lot of what I have my subconscious supercomputer up to would be considered codebreaking. I watched the recent movie about Alan Touring and I saw a lot of similarities to what I’m doing in that arena.

It occurred to me in looking at it within myself that it’s not so much code breaking as code making. In a nutshell we’re talking about an algorithm to make sense out of nonsense. The nonsense is what we appear to be up to, the sense is what we’re really up to or what it all means. It would be a sort of language in and of itself, dynamic and ever changing but always acting as a stable bridge between sense and nonsense in any form.


Specifically what I am personally looking for is a bridge between my subjective and objective consciousness. They are diametrically opposed to each other with two completely different forms of communication. They don’t even view reality the same way, one being an inside out view and the other outside in. Still, there absolutely MUST be a possible bridge between them, even if “never the ‘twain shall meet”.

What struck me most about the movie aside from Alan himself is the act of waiting for the wheels to turn long enough to spit out an answer. How everyone lost patience and gave up except for a devoted few who believed. In my own life I have gone way beyond what was portrayed in the movie when it comes to faith and patience in keeping those wheels turning. They waited months, I’ve waited decades based both on faith and in the solace that there is no better course of action to be taken.

The only way out of this mess we’re in is to figure out what is going on here. Not the freakish nonsense that appears to be going on, but what we’re really up to and who we really are behind the masks that protect our true identity. Making sense out of nonsense. That’s not going to happen using our conscious computer, it’s far too slow and inefficient. Our subconscious on the other hand is a quantum supercomputer of incomprehensible capability. It’s like using your own individual intelligence to crack a code as opposed to networking the entire human collective.

It still functions like any other computer tho in the sense that you program it to do something and wait for the wheels to turn until they stop and spit out a solution. My subconscious mind achieved that in late 1997, the problem was my conscious mind couldn’t contain all the information without blowing a cork. I now needed data compression algorithms of unparalleled precision and efficiency. We’re talking the sort of algorithm that allows you to compress the infinite into the finite. It would literally be the Key to Life and Death. Yet another set of wheels in motion.

The wheels have kept turning by the support of an extremely dedicated few against all odds. I can’t thank them enough for keeping my dreams alive. We always knew putting our faith in those wheels would either make us or break us, or perhaps both. In breaking the code between life and death we will literally be making ourselves anew. A new Humanity on a new mission. The Universe has terraformed us in its image, now we will terraform the Universe in ours.

Thank you, with all my heart 🙂