What the Bible is

If one reads the bible without allowing anyone else to spoon feed them what it means, one has to admit that most of it doesn’t make any real sense.

The Holy Bible is a bibliography, a collection of books all pertaining to the same subject. The subject in this case is the person reading it… you. Not the you that you identify with in your waking moments, but the “whole” (Holy = whole) you. There are a few reasons we don’t see it that way, if there weren’t it would be entirely obvious that it’s about us and what we’re doing here.

One reason is that we’re quite literally taught it means something else soon after exiting the womb. By the time we learn to tie our shoes, tell time, and read, it’s pretty much over… we’ve been sucked into the vortex of the way this world sees things. The Fall of Man then, is you falling into this world, away from your “god” which is really your ability to control what is happening in your world. Why? Because you’ve fallen into a world that contains all worlds, not just your own. It’s all our own private worlds jumbled together in a chaotically fractalized mess. There is seemingly no way out because we can’t find the door. The only way out that we know of is dying and most of us aren’t eager to open that door when we don’t know what’s on the other side.

Another reason we don’t recognize that the bible is about us in the here and now is because we only look at it from a single perspective. We actually live in 3 separate worlds, two of which we recognize and one which we identify with and are aware of. We’re all familiar with our waking world, tho from another perspective we are completely unaware of what we’re really doing here. We recognize our dream world, but pay it no heed because they are “just dreams”. Our dream world is in fact every bit as real as our waking world, we simply choose to pay it no attention while we’re awake most of the time. The other world, the “nether” (neither) world is the one we never even notice, the borderland or “in between” world that we briefly pass thru every time we wake up or fall asleep.

People that search for knowledge in earnest are well aware of the borderland because it’s where all the good shit comes from. Every invention of man has been discovered in the borderland by savants and either rejected or perfected by the world around them. Albert Einstein used to hold a steel ball poised over his bare toes in an attempt to stay in the borderland. The way it worked was when he started to doze off, his fingers would lose their grip on the ball and it would smash into his bare toes abruptly waking him up. In this way he trained himself to maintain that in-between state, he admitted afterward that it was a little harsh and screwed up his natural sleep patterns for a number of years, but he obviously got a lot out of it.

I’m pretty sure that our natural state is in this nether world in our subconscious and not going back and forth between being conscious and unconscious. When I’m in a trance I know I’m “crossing” being awake and asleep, crossing my conscious and unconscious mind within my subconscious. Christ means crossed – so a crossed state of consciousness which leads to a state where the subconscious mind becomes the super-conscious mind is what the bible refers to as christ. I’ve hit it before, but what we’re after is to stay there permanently. I believe this is why I’m spending more and more time in a trance lately, because that’s where much of the work I’m doing at this stage of the process is done.

When we consider the 3 aspects of our trinity, we’re really talking about mental geometry and the 3 main positions we put ourselves in to look at our Self. Without starting another book about it, that means the separation we experience within ourselves is really 3 distinctly separate ways of looking at ourselves. We generally only deal with the two that are constantly at war within us, the Son and the Father. The Father says “Everything is me, I am All there is”, the Son says “everything is not me, but rather the world around me which is separate, I am only the point around which All there is revolves” The Holy Spirit is just what is sounds like, the ghost and spirit of the whole you, the YOU that you split apart from in all directions and will eventually return to thru a process the bible calls Holy Resurrection.

So the bible is a collection of books (or stories if you will) about all that, but not just a random collection. What the Nicene Council did back in 325 AD was to collect all the cultural(pagan) myths about resurrection from around the world. The reason certain books were chosen and some weren’t was based mostly on proportion. They were trying to get the books in the bible to match up or “correspond” to the same proportions that the cultural beliefs they came from existed in the world at that time. This is why the religion associated with it is called Christian, it was a “crossing” of all the different ways we have of looking at ourselves and this process we’re going thru.

The way I see the bible is a collection of mental angles or ways of looking at things. The bible isn’t saying you should do this or shouldn’t do that, what it’s really doing is describing all the different positions you can put yourself in to help you see things in certain ways. This is nowhere more evidenced than in the final book, Revelations. In a simple sense John has crossed his consciousness and is using these mental angles to surround himself, viewing from all angles to see the whole. It is seeing things from all these different angles that destroys this false world of conflict and suffering and reveals the true world behind it.

I didn’t figure any of this out by sitting around reading the bible all the time. What I have figured out so far comes from trance work in the borderland and having put myself in those positions (some rather uncomfortable) to see things from different angles. When I look at something in the bible I realize that the only reason I understand it is because I’ve already been thru it or if I only partly understand, am still going thru it. If it were up to reading it and then trying to apply what I’ve understood solely from what I’ve read, I wouldn’t be able to find my ass with both hands.