The Apollo Program

What they were doing with the Apollo space program was and is one of the most closely guarded secrets the world has ever known. It was so secret that many of the people who worked on it gave their own lives voluntarily to keep it that way. ALL records of the esoteric purpose of the program were destroyed, there are no written records of this left anywhere to the best of my knowledge.

I’m not sure if they ever physically put a man on the moon with the Apollo program, just as I have no verifiable way of knowing if Jesus or any other mythical figure was ever physically real. What I do know is they were using it to perform the highest ritual magic act I’ve ever seen.

The spiritual correspondences were astoundingly accurate. In order to understand what they were attempting you have to know the symbolic meaning and correspondences of the Earth, Sun, and Moon not just in a mythological sense, but also how they correspond inwardly with your own trinity.

Ever ask yourself why the hell they named it the Apollo program? Apollo was the Greek sun god, wtf does that have to do with putting a man on the moon?

Not a damned thing in the exoteric sense, in the esoteric sense they were attempting to create the Son of Man. E. Pluribus Unum – Out of Many… One. What they were up to is completely outlined by the symbolism on the back of a one dollar bill, including who was/is behind it all.

In this system of correspondence the Sun represents Man as the Son of God. The moon represents God (the old man in the moon or Father). So when they say they’re attempting to put a man on the moon, what they were really doing was magically creating the fertile conditions in America to raise the Son of Man. The spirit of America or her purpose, was always to raise the Son of Man, the founding fathers knew this when they went against their own secret orders to set things in motion.

They wanted to create a man who could communicate with the the All or God. The measurements and specifications for the rocket itself we’re all Earth measures straight from the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The Great Pyramid is also called the “pyramid of measures”. The measures of what? They are the measures of a Whole Man or the Son of Man, an absolutely average human being. We’re not talking what most people think of as average, I mean the precise, on the nuts, absolute mean average of the whole human race. How to apply those measures and achieve this was right out of the the Holy Bible.

Much of this was figured out by savants employed by their secret orders. It was those savants who also realized that this wasn’t something any of their respective orders could ever accomplish. The meekest of men risked life, limb, and everything dear to them to betray their own orders for what they believed in. They were right too, they knew that their brotherly fraternities would continue to fight amongst each other for a prize they could never obtain. They have until this day and it is they who are the top players in the global end game.

Enter the Son of Man, a holy priest after the Order of Melchizedek. I’m not sure what the word Melchizedek meant back then, but I know the gist of their story. They were a sect or order that wanted a priest who could represent all of them, but not of the priestly caste. They wouldn’t put any faith in anyone who hadn’t come from their own. How could anyone who never worked or suffered properly represent them all if he’d never been thru what they’d gone thru. More importantly, how could a priest who is the head member of an order fighting amongst other orders ever represent them all.

Back to being average, it doesn’t sound like much but if you were the absolute mean average there’s a lot you could do with it. The mean average of anything contains the whole of it in a microcosmic sense. It is a miniature of the whole thing in perfect proportion, it isn’t the whole but it accurately represents the whole because it contains everything the whole thing contains in the same proportions. This is what Jesus was talking about in the bible when he declared “what was my father’s is now mine”. It’s what Edgar Cayce meant when repeatedly asked about who Jesus was during a reading and he emphatically replied over and over “he was average”. It’s also what Cayce (Halaliel in this case) was referring to when he was talking about John Peni El meeting god face to face, and it is most definitely what they were trying to achieve with the Apollo program.

If you were average you’d be your own universal observatory, thru a knowledge and study of correspondences you could “see” what the whole human race was up to within yourself. Thru something NASA calls acoustic stepping and gating (essentially coupledĀ  harmonic resonance or sympathetic vibration) you could effectively control the whole world around you.

You’d also be a sort of fulcrum or balance point for the entire human race, you move one way and the whole has to move with you or be thrown off balance (Egypt). Conversely, you could also use that to keep a teetering world in balance. If the mass moves too far one way or the other you can shift yourself as the fulcrum point and re-balance the load and then gradually bring her back to center (America). This is why one of the ancient names for the Sun/Son God was Bal… or “balance point”.

You could also know what the All or God knows which is essentially the entire experiential knowledge base of every human being that ever lived. Another way of putting that is gaining access to the Hall of Records. Another way of seeing it is your conscious mind gaining access to your unconscious mind.

You could also control the secret orders of the world, who in turn, control what’s happening in this world. This is clearly what John is telling the heads of the seven churches at the beginning of the book of Revelations. By way of becoming average he has effectively “contained” them because in being average he contains the whole and they are parts of said whole. Possession is 9/10 of the law and he threatens them with the one thing they’re afraid of, losing their power. He tells them to return to their first work, that of resurrection.

We’ll go into Revelations in way more detail later. You may have already guessed I’m talking about far more than I’m actually saying but we’ll leave it at that for now.

Symbolism in the mainstream media tells what happened to the Apollo program. The secret orders of the world took over NASA but their 7 primary initiates crashed and burned (as evidenced by the explosion and 7 deaths in the Challenger accident) as well as their backups or secondary initiates (as evidenced by the Columbia explosion and another 7 deaths).

Apollo was highly successful in spite of all this, there was another candidate that was pulled from the program even as they were taking it over. He was pulled because they thought he was too easily distracted, he couldn’t focus his mind on anything for more than a second or two. What they didn’t realize is that’s how it’s going to appear if you’re focusing on the whole thing. Focusing on any part or detail of the whole for more than a second or two will cause you to lose sight of the whole, which is supposed to be your object of focus.

He continued pursuing the goal of the program without the program or its handlers to support him. However it happened, the goal was achieved, America put a man on the moon in the esoteric sense. This is evidenced by a commercial the AdCouncil did some years back, the E.Pluribus Unum commercial with people from all races, religions and creeds standing up and saying “I’m an American” one after the other. Then at the end of the commercial the message on the screen says “E. Pluribus Unum – out of many… One”

I wonder how many Americans watched that commercial without knowing what it really meant or ever asking themselves “wtf does that mean “E. Pluribus Unum – out of many… One”? I think most people just assumed it was political propaganda relating to 9/11 that meant one nation from many races, like some sort of patriotic rally call. It did serve a purpose there as well, they wanted Americans emotionally “up in arms” but didn’t want that turning into hatred against Muslims in America.