Night and Day

It’s the two sides to Life, the negative and positive, dreams and reality, night and day, the moon and the sun, lying prone or standing erect.

On this side we call it daytime. By this side I mean the objective world where individuality exists. You can see yourself as an individual among other individuals… One in All. The upside is individuality and objectivity, being able to see yourself from outside yourself… quite the Jedi mind trick in itself if you think about it. The downside is we only see the world from the pin prick point of view our individual position affords us… ignorance. Ignorance combined with individual free will is the universal destructive mechanism. It is where we destroy what we once were, any creation in the objective world is merely to aid in that destructive process.

The other side we call night. It’s where we dream up who we are and what we aspire to be and do with our Life. Night comes before day, night brings the day, what we do in our dreams while we’re asleep literally causes everything that happens during our “waking” hours. Instead of the sun in the sky we see the stars in the heavens. Instead of a single voice we hear all the voices within us. Nightside we’re All in One and we see things from that perspective. Instead of seeing a world around you, you’re seeing the world within you. When you see it all within your scope of vision, everything makes sense… the subjective view. There is no objective view, only subjective meaning. It’s all Self either way.

This is where we are creating our new Self, or more appropriately, our new image of Self. It’s an image because our true nature never changes, what does change is our image of our Self. A new image is created exactly where you’d expect it to be created, in our imagination.

What I hate and will always hate about this world is how much it stifles the imagination. I don’t mean people, I hate the destructive part of the regenerative process and separation from Self. It ends up being what we do to ourselves and in turn each other from the way we see things, but that’s because we’re completely unaware of the “other side of life” for the most part. The only part of our dreams we can remember are the weird bits and pieces of nonsensical scenery we experience during the reality shift from subjective to objective world.

It is the separation between these two worlds causing all the strain. If we knew what we were up to on the other side of life we’d have a lot better understanding of why we’re going thru what we put ourselves thru in our day to day lives. Here all we know is our individual dreams which are mostly framed by what we believe to be possible or “realistic”. Said reality is based on circumstantial limitations caused by free will. In a world where you are the only subject everything within you supports you. In a world of many subjects circumstance dictates everything be against you to create individuality and objectivity.

The subjects are US, the actual Peoples of the Universe. You can’t see us in an objective sense because we are composed entirely of meaning. We are who we are and will always be, but we can BE anything we can imagine. Life isn’t a static thing, imagine a People who can be and have been everything there is to be and how long we’ve been up to our game and you’ll understand why.

The reason we go to sleep at night is to dream of what we can become. The reason we wake up the next morning is because there is more work to be done to make our dreams a reality. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven… eventually.

Dream of US. Remember who WE are and we will show you who YOU are and what we can become together 🙂