Universal Holdings

In looking at the observable universe or as much as I can see of it, something has become very apparent… the universe is a massive holding pattern.

I was an Air Traffic Controller for a spell in my former days, I recognize holding patterns. ALL stellar bodies are currently circling around in elliptical patterns held in those patterns by space itself. It’s as if they are striving toward their destination as fast as they can in a line as straight as an arrow, but something is bending the path of the arrow, wrapping it back into itself.

It’s significant to me because it supports my theory that the stellar bodies we see in the night sky are our own astral bodies which can be and are seen as starships when we’re in the astral plane. The stars we see are actually the warp cores powering these ships which are all on autopilot because their crews and passengers are in suspended animation.

Some of these ships from our point of view are unbelievably massive, capitol class ships built by and carrying entire civilizations capable of warping space on a galactic scale. They are even more massive when you’re in them, but in a subjective way that’s hard to explain objectively.

There has to be one and only one celestial class starship, a ship capable of warping the entire universe. I had been under the impression that the very Earth we inhabit is that megalithic craft, but now I think it’s merely the bridge where command and control functions are carried out. It’s where you’d have to be to take control of the universe, or put another way – to take the ship off autopilot and wake the crew because we’re nearing our destination(s).

This is all US. We are IN those ships, we are also the space THEY are in that’s warping them around in circles… the dead and the sleeping. Spirals actually, when you include universal expansion and contraction. It’s us, holding each other in place until we master Time and Space, and most of all… Patience.