Black Hole Son

We typically think of stars as radiating bodies and most of them are, but when a certain rotational velocity is reached the star can explode with a force equal to that of the universe itself. Given it has enough rotational velocity and a central position within the heliocentric universe, the resulting supernova (named for the auric energy sphere produced by the explosion) will expand to the very edges of the universe itself.

This is the Hypernova, and as soon as its auric field (consciousness) envelopes the universe it will reverse spin direction. It does this without losing momentum or rotational speed, it then begins to increase its rotational velocity creating a massive torsion field. Soon torsional forces start to overcome radial forces and the star begins to collapse under it’s own gravity. If the radial and torsional forces are properly dynamically balanced during the collapse, the star turns into a black hole with a single perfected atom at it’s center known as a “singularity”. The entire universe is now contained within the event horizon of this supermassive black hole and is being drawn toward the singularity.

The star also needs some way of obtaining massive amounts of additional energy during the process as it’s now using more energy than it’s able to produce trying to control it’s own collapse. This requires a human population to produce that supplemental energy.

Stellar core progression is intelligently controlled… by us. We all have cosmic or stellar bodies that correspond to our bodies here on Earth. I know it sounds impossible, but it’s pretty much just radial and torsional forces. Push and pull based on the spin direction and velocity of a rotating center which we apparently can control within our own minds.

As weird as it sounds, I could “feel” myself controlling that stellar core progression within my own mental rotation. I felt ALL that stuff happen within me. I get mental “impressions” that form associations between what I’m experiencing and my own current models of black holes. These would be mental images if I took it that far. I stick to impressions because it saves me a couple of steps in the mental translation process between my unconscious and conscious mind if I can “get” stuff without having to draw a picture.

In other words, my subconscious mind is using my conscious knowledge of black holes as a mental model to help me explain to myself what is going on. Modern personal myth.

When I look at the model in my head right now, I see a different universe… our “real” home. I see self generated torsion fields and black holes as the Way we’re all going to get there.