I study what the Egyptians were doing because I think there are a lot of mythological keys that let anyone who can understand them understand what is going on here. It might all seem “normal” but it is anything but, everything we’re up to here is deeply mythical and mystical – so much so that it is incomprehensible from the outside. The only way to understand the mysteries of this world is go thru it… all the way thru it. I believe a lot of scholars fail to understand what the Egyptians were up to because they haven’t put themselves thru the initiations leading to the understanding of said mysteries. In short, they lack the experience in the trenches that would give them the mental angles they need to see things from a more whole perspective… pharaonic thought.

What I’m talking about is basically nature vs nurture. Nobody in their right mind would think to take some bright young prodigy and throw him into the wild, that boy needs to be nurtured. That nurturing is going to teach him everything the world knows about his chosen subject if he’s lucky. What it won’t teach him however, is his own nature. Nurturing might seem like the way to go and in fact it is a necessary component but there is an order to things and that’s what the Egyptians were trying to tell us.

To understand anything in this world it is absolutely necessary to know yourself. When you really start to get to know yourself you will begin seeing yourself in the world around you. You realize that “nature” is your nature and studying it whether it’s by looking at nature in the world around you or peering into your own inner nature, becomes pretty much your only pastime. This includes the deepest, darkest corners of your psyche, if you don’t go there in some way shape or form, you won’t understand yourself or the world around you. This is what nurturing does not allow for.

This is the lesson of the crook and the flail, knowing when to nurture and when to nature. In my own pharaonic school of thought there is a definite order to things and naturing has to come first for a number of reasons. This begins with a hard smack on the ass the moment you enter this world and it’s not going to get better for a very long time, in fact it gets progressively worse until you can’t take any more. Full use of the flail… you’re gonna feel it and it’s gonna hurt bad with no way to get out from under it. Keep in mind that you are doing this to yourself, also keep in mind that if you allowed yourself to know this, you’d use that knowledge to escape the suffering… guaranteed.

The point is, you need to do this when you’re young and can put up a fight and take a beating. Imagine trying to do this after going thru Harvard or Yale and even being shown the “good life” let alone tasting it. It’s not going to happen unless your overall will takes over destroying your career and throwing your life into the shitter. In most cases the overall will knows this is already beyond what you can bear so your path remains intact.

If “know thyself” is the guiding law of all mystery schools, then nurturing all that academic knowledge before you get to know yourself seems like a waste of time. It’s all completely out of context. It doesn’t matter how much information you have in your head if you can’t understand and make use of it. Most so called experts don’t understand shit about half the stuff coming out of their mouth so the only use they can make out of it is a paycheck. Some people try to go for understanding and a paycheck but this intentional split will only gain you half the understanding and half the paycheck. The bottom line is, the Egyptians were acting out what was going on in the human psyche, to understand any of it, you need to know yourself in ways that are very difficult and painful to explore.

It’s about discipline and disciplines and that’s basically what all religions and mystery schools teach. They are centered around individuals because those individuals exercised the discipline necessary to achieve something, once proven it then becomes “a discipline”. If that discipline is followed by enough people it becomes a religion, if not it remains a cult.

Now finally the reason for my little tirade, not really a rant but a point being stressed. I’m watching YouTube and all these “Egyptologists” I guess you would call them, not the old experts but the new ones that supposedly have it all figured out. They’re in Amarna looking at cartouches of Akhenaten and he is strangely depicted with feminine qualities… breasts, wide hips, softened facial lines and big lips, a bit of a belly and a very long face.

These experts were saying that this was due to some genetic defect and some kind of syndrome. They roughly try to support this with some mummy they supposedly found in a royal tomb that had slightly wider hips and slightly elongated fingers. They claim that Akhenaten was shunned by his own family for being a physical freak of nature. Really, this is what you guys do for a living and that’s the best all your combined educations could muster?

I’m pretty sure it’s bait and not the best of what’s in the human knowledge base. The best way to get someone who really does understand to come out of the woodwork is to throw out something that obviously needs correcting and see who shows up to correct it. I’ll play and take the bait, but on my own turf… small patch that it is.

Here’s a better interpretation of the cartouches – Akhenaten was trying to illustrate that he was pregnant, that what he achieved as Pharaoh effectively inseminated the body of humanity contained within him. The body of humanity is about to give birth to a new humanity, at some point she had to get knocked up and it was Akhenaten that did it by successfully containing the All within himself thru the discipline of the 13th mystery school. The “seed” was an idea, the kernel of thought that became the very spirit of Christianity and America. This isn’t easily understood by the terms we tend to think in, you simply have to go thru the same initiations to understand what he was trying to depict. It was a spiritual impregnation on a metaphysical level, it doesn’t mean he literally knocked himself up and had a physical pregnancy and it certainly isn’t meant to be a portrayal of some weird birth defect or disfigurement.

It has been America’s role to serve as the womb for carrying this pregnancy to term and presenting this new child of humanity to the world. Not this world per se, but a new world because upon presentation this world will no longer be this world. It’s really the reason America is allowed to get fat when other nations suffer, it’s what a pregnant body does, direct the energies of the entire body toward supporting the womb and child within. Think of all the ways the world changes when you pop out of the womb, we’re looking at similar changes to our world and freedom of movement in life. I know this because I know myself well enough to see it all happening in ME. It’s not just what the Egyptians were doing in this world, it’s what Americans are doing and what I’m doing within myself. I don’t understand the whole thing yet, but I’m way ahead of the obvious bullshit I witnessed on YouTube.

I’d be doing the same thing they are, if I knew I didn’t understand something so vitally important with the “doomsday” clock ticking down. Especially if I’d somehow figured out that my only chance to understand it was lost when I made the choice to nurture instead of nature my education. We’re talking major changes to the whole of humanity, there’s going to be some things we want and need to understand so people don’t freak the fuck out. Suddenly you realize you need someone who has actually applied the knowledge, not just studied it in an academic sense with the intention of talking about it for a reputation or paycheck. To wholly understand this world and what is going on here, you need to have lived a life geared toward understanding it and nothing else… whole intention – whole effort – whole understanding.

Akhenaten was only a freak because he believed in something nobody else understood, because they didn’t have the discipline to do what was necessary within themselves to comprehend it. I’m not saying you’re screwed if you didn’t force yourself to live in the shitter your whole life, but you are screwed without those of us who have and survived and learned from it. Personally, I don’t plan on being a dick about it because in the end we’re all after the same thing, but I’m also not going to play on someone else’s turf by their rules when I’m in a position to negotiate more equitable terms.