Doubt and Faith

I’m a man of faith… deep, passionate, wholly committed faith. I’m not just fucking around pretending, I have real, honest to goodness hard earned faith in my heart.

I also have my doubts about literally everything I have faith in. My faith is attacked every minute of every hour of every day by moments of doubt and pain, yet it persists with a vengeance. Faith is one thing you have to kill in its infancy if you don’t want to have it for life. Any doubt that doesn’t kill it only makes it stronger.

Doubt and Faith are adversarial twins, you don’t get one without the other. Faith untested is no faith at all. In fact, if there were nothing to test our faith why the hell would we even need it? Faith is the power of our belief in action.

A man of faith is a man full of doubt, but faith is of the heart and the heart wins all battles in the end.