Hyperspace – The Final Frontier

When it comes to space I know of three kinds.

First there is undifferentiated space. This is the space between worlds that also contains those worlds, it is inactive from our perspective. Our physical senses do not perceive it because it’s “not there”. I don’t mean it doesn’t exist, rather that its properties are non local and non dimensional. It is nowhere and everywhere at the same time and without limit, an infinite amount of space to work in, and infinite amount of things to work with and an infinite amount of time to do it so nothing actually gets “done” as everything is a work in progress that endures forever. It is the realm of our dreams and aspirations where we live as gods. The space of the mind.

Next you have differentiated or objective space, the space of worlds. If you’re in a world that is a location, or local space as opposed to non local. It is dimensional so it can be measured but that also means it is limited. There is a ton of work to be done in a cramped space, very little time to do it and everything is going against you. Even tho this is the world of “doing” actually accomplishing anything is near impossible because everything is going against everything else. Never the less the space of worlds is active space, the realm of doing where we live as men. The space of the body and bodies.

There is another space that is incredibly mysterious as it exists between the other two spaces. It is what ancient mystics used to call “ether” and the Egyptians called “Nether”, meaning either or neither. We know about it, but can’t really explain it because its very nature defies definition. The military has come to refer to it as Hyperspace but don’t worry, it can’t be militarized. Hyperspace is the ultimate playground surpassing your wildest dreams and fantasies. This space is “interactive” and it is the realm where we make our dreams come true. Where as the other two worlds are dreaming in a world where you can’t do, and doing in a world where you cannot dream, this is a world where anything you can imagine comes into vibrant, intelligent, conscious and feeling interactive play. I mean the space you’re in literally plays with you in the most fun, loving, and supportive way. It is literally “being in love”, undefinable, indescribable, but you feel it, oh my god do you feel it. This is absolutely and without question the space of the Heart, for it can belong to no other.

Hyperspace is home to me. It is the only place I’ve ever truly relaxed and felt “at home” with my surroundings. It the place where I am my true self, light hearted, kind, playful, inquisitive, adventurous and carefree. In hyperspace you can communicate “heart to heart”, there are no hindrances to dare I say “unadulterated” communication between people. It is such a pure and inviolate experience I’d go there for that reason alone, but it’s just one example out of a cornucopia of joys to be experienced in hyperspace.

The odd thing is, I’m pretty sure there is nowhere to go to find it. This world (Earth) isn’t like any other world, it is special in that it is like ALL other worlds, making it the Heart of the Universe. If hyperspace is indeed the space of the heart then we’re already there, we just have to bring it here. You can’t go to it, because there is nowhere to go, but she is my long lost love so I’m engaged in a courting ritual to bring her to me. This so far has amounted to learning the art of interplay, a playful dance of give and take between partners in love trying to get ever closer to that divine union. I’m pretty sure wooing her is a matter of removing the veil… not hers, but the cloak that hides my natural charm 🙂