Making a Rainbow

I’m enjoying the opportunity to see myself from both sides more and more. Being autistic and always looking inward, I never was never really able to see how I appeared or came off to other people. I’ve never really had an image of myself because it was always a Work in progress. No point in looking if there’s nothing to see yet.

Now that I can see myself better one thing in particular stands out and that’s my opposites within me.

Out of all the people I have ever run across, I am the absolute worst person I can think of. I’m also the absolute best person I can think of, depending on how you look at it. I’m the biggest idiot I know of but that idiot is concealing a savant, an intelligence of incomprehensible ability. I’m the last person in the room to get anything, but also the first to conceive new ideas. I don’t know of anyone who has hated this world more than I have, and I also can’t think of anyone who has as much faith in humanity. It doesn’t matter which way I look, I’m occupying the polar extremes on every scale.

I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing if one wants to make a rainbow. It means I have stretched myself across the entire spectrum. My rainbow is a bridge between opposites. Not just two opposing sides, but ALL things in opposition.

If I’m able to stand in the middle of the bridge and see both sides that means I’m no longer chasing rainbows… I’m making them 🙂