Average of Averages

If you look at the Work the Human race is doing, you can see a bunch of scalar averaging cascading down thru orders of magnitude, like fractal expansion in reverse.

What I mean is this universe seems to be an average of every universe in the multiverse, our cluster of galaxies seems to be an average of this universe, the Milky Way seems to be an average of the galaxies in the cluster, our solar system seems to be an average of the solar systems in the galaxy, the Earth is the middle or average planet in our solar system, America is an average of the Earth, and so on down to a single person being the average person in America. This is what’s known as the Son of Man, the ultimate Average of Averages, the absolute mean average of all life everywhere.

Biologically, man himself is an average of all life on Earth. If you pick up a book like Gray’s Anotomy and start paging thru it, you can see it. You’ll notice in the pictures and diagrams that our human anatomy contains every plant, tree, animal, fish, bird, insect, worm… all of it.

So it’s being done, but how… and why?

By absolutely hammering the extreme ends of the scales. Everything we’re doing here is scalar. We measure everything in this world on a scale, good and bad, smart and stupid, big and small, hot and cold. The “ends” of the scale are opposite extremes and if there is one thing this world is doing, that I did in my life (to an extreme) was hitting those extremes. We hit them hard, as hard as we possibly can without destroying ourselves.

I can tell you from personal experience this is not easy, it was so fucking hard all I ever wanted to do was give up, but my own will and determination would never let me. In looking around, I could say the Human race is pretty much up to the same thing. What makes it tough, is you can’t just hit an extreme and call it good, it’s like a teeter-totter. If you hit an extreme you have to balance it out by hitting its polar opposite or you WILL lose your balance and fall out of existence here.

What this does is increase the circumference or size of the world you’re trying to build. Size in imagined realities has nothing to do with physical dimensions, it’s measured by what your world can contain.

Your mind is constantly in rotation, just like everything in your external world. We are basically rotating thru the 12 octaves of creation as we play the scales. So while you’re hitting your extremes from the center, you are also spinning. Think of a wheel with 12 spokes, each spoke coming from the center of the wheel to the rim represents half a scale. It’s opposite spoke is the other half of the scale. What you’re doing is extending the spokes each time you hit an extreme. When you do this to ALL the spokes, it increases the size of your wheel, but you have to be careful to keep things balanced when you’re increasing the length of the spokes or you’ll end up with Frankenwheel. You have to work as fast and hard as possible and still keep the wheel perfectly round. The reason for craftsmanship and accuracy is to create a more accurate average. The greater the circumference of your wheel and the more accurately centered you are, the more “average” you are. To make it even more challenging, there are actually 2 (or 3 if you count the phantom wheel created by those) wheels we’re doing this with at the same time, counter-rotating at very high speeds. The Zodiac is a 2d model representing all this.

What this really means is a life of constantly racing from one extreme to the other, in every conceivable direction. I used to call it emotional malaria because I felt like I was always bouncing between extreme hot and cold emotionally. For most of my life I was a human yo-yo and I had no idea who was pulling the string.

In doing that, you store up a lot of that emotional energy. Any shrink will tell you this is bad, but everything here that’s bad can be used for a good purpose. It was this accumulated emotional energy that I used to fire my arc and expand my consciousness. I knew when I did it that my “wheel” had to be large enough to contain everything within me, I also knew that if I wasn’t perfectly centered in the middle of that circle, or it wasn’t perfectly round, that what I was trying to do would fail… it didn’t.

On a deeper note, if you look at the scalar averaging I was talking about in reverse, I think it holds some clues to the actual physics behind how our minds create realities. In other words, I think what we’re doing here is in a sense “uncreating” our previous creation in a way that ensures nothing gets left behind so that when we create our new one, it has everything the old one had… and more. I also think the uncreation of our old world happens simultaneously with the “creation” of our new one. It is the same act perceived from two opposite angles.