Cosmic Child Birth

I’m getting this from looking at the natal process, fairly recent history, time scales and astrobiological interpretations of the Book of Revelations.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious on a mass scale that something fucking profound is happening deep within the bowels of Humanity. It’s also clear that there are those who are aware of it and in some cases have and are actively preparing for the coming changes beyond just talking about it – and that there is a much greater segment of the population that is completely oblivious to any and all of it.

There is a definite split there that I never personally liked because resurrection is about all of us and I hate schisms. I had been viewing it as a graduating class of the 13th mystery school, with the upperclassmen as those who have taken individual initiative ahead of the collective efforts in an effort to pull those efforts forward, and underclassmen who have kind of partied and fucked off in school instead of doing their Work. It’s a fairly accurate model that works well in almost every way except that of precluding yet another schism. In fact, this schism already exists between the ruling elite and the so called sheep, cattle, or ignorant masses that they are shepherding.

Enter astrobiology, correspondences, and cosmic time.

If you look at what’s going on here as a cosmic childbirth you can use correspondences to get some idea of where we’re at in the natal process. The ancient Egyptians left behind a shitload of clues telling us exactly where we were from conception to gestation and if you look at the modern world with the same mythological eyes, we have continued that trend… especially in America. America is a living symbol of the birth process itself, the emergence from the cosmic womb of Humanity.

I will be studying the actual birth process in much more detail I suppose, but for now I know about as much as any idiot so this isn’t complicated. I know like any other person here that the head pops out first, assuming everything is healthy and normal. Going just a little bit beyond that, the crown of the head comes out before the rest of the head.

Who is in control of the empire that runs the world at the moment? Some would say the British Royal Crown, especially the Windsors, but that is just how it’s manifesting in this reality. The ‘Crown” is in charge because it is the crown chakra that oversees the functions of the lower chakras in this particular phase of the natal process. The crown’s function is to create and manage divisions, what we see as cellular division in the gestation process. Another function is to create the function that will harmonize all of the functions created within those divisions… the human heart or heart chakra. It does this because the brain or crown cannot feel, it’s just a computer using DNA as a self generating, self preserving, and self perpetuating program.

The heart cannot feel either, until it has been trained to do so by the brain. Since the brain doesn’t actually know how to feel, the heart is put thru a series of experiences that teaches it how to manage all of the extremely powerful emotional energies of the body. Mystery schools call these initiations and the rest of us call it life and the shit that happens while going thru it.

Got a little off track there but you get the picture, in a sense shit is the way it is because that’s the way shit is in a healthy human child birth. Nothing is wrong, in fact everything has been immaculate since our conception. We can even look at this model to know what to expect if our correspondences are accurate. What we’d expect and what we’re seeing matches exactly, the crown has fully emerged and performed its function, the heart has come online and also learned its function, not just thru the crown chakra creating divisions, but also a period of harmonic coupling and sympathetic cooperation with the heart of the maternal body. You see this function being portrayed by the Egyptians in the concept of co-regency between the father and son or old and new Pharaoh. The Pharaoh is the sun god, the son of god, AND the heart within the body of humanity.

Here’s where cosmic time comes in, or rather cosmic time scaled down to terrestrial time. You can use correspondences again here and look at how long we’ve been under control of the crown in human history. Then you compare that to child birth and we see that if it took say a thousand years for just the crown of the head to emerge, then how long for the rest of the head, how long until the eyes emerge so we can see wtf is happening. Looking at it this way, it could take thousands or even millions of years just for the head to emerge, billions or trillions for the rest of the body. Fortunately, we aren’t actually on cosmic time but rather a scaled version of it, so it’s not going to take that long in relativistic terms. A thousand years worth of progression can seem to pass in a single day or a single day can seem like it lasts a thousand years, depending on how we’re scaling time.

This is supported by passages in Revelations regarding a portion of humanity reaching christic consciousness ahead of the rest and subsequently bringing the rest of humanity into it. This is the emergence of the head before the body, just like a healthy normal child birth should work. If John’s self generated DMT trip lends us any clues, this part of the delivery process could well take a thousand years “terrestrial time”. This also ties in with the thousand year Reich thing.

This model is also supported by the Vedic astrologers and subsequently the Mayans work with time scaling and calendars. It totally explains why there is one count that ends in 2012 and another that goes on for as far as the Pharaonic eye can see. They weren’t just chronicling the birth of Humanity in general, they had every minute detail timed down to the cosmic second. Unfreekin believable really, especially since it’s based on intuition as much as the math.