We all suffer from it as we go thru life. Physics calls it entropy or the second law of thermodynamics and physicists have all these scientific and mathematical theories as to why it happens.

Here’s mine…

As we go thru this world we gradually lose our appreciation for the things we really ought to be thankful for. I believe the way to reverse entropy and our own depreciation is by rediscovering our humanity.

What is it to be human if not to live in full appreciation of our own? A natural appreciation, born out of a band of brothers making it thru the gauntlet of hell together, out of full knowledge of all the sacrifices made, out of an understanding of what it means to be human, out of the final realization of who we are and what we have inherited by virtue of our place in the universe.

When we rediscover how to appreciate, we won’t depreciate anymore 🙂

There you have it… the key to immortality is our own Humanity