Form vs Function

The heart is all about love and love is all about beauty.

Beauty in function is a male principle – beauty in form is a female principle.

In my Work I’ve tended to always favor function over form, but it is the quest for beauty in form that drives the functions in the first place.

Since we’re not allowed to see the new form until the completion of our Work (not allowed to see the unveiled bride before the wedding, it’s where the tradition comes from) I work under the assumption that anything perfect in function will yield a perfect form. Put another way, the reason our physical bodies are so flawed and f’d up is because of the function or functions they are performing on a mental and spiritual level. There is a pre-programmed (DNA) purpose for the current way the body functions and if that purpose is fulfilled we are allowed to change that programming on an individual level.

In a very simple sense DNA is a switching mechanism, switching all the various functions of the body on or off in response to both inner and outer environmental conditions or variables. When certain functions are turned on in certain combinations, new previously unavailable functions can be accessed and activated. This allows one to go from having almost no individual control over their reality to complete control over it in a series of steps designed to make sure the body is prepared to accommodate these changes before they occur.

These “initiatory” steps are the purpose of the sacred mystery schools. When you successfully undergo a rite of initiation you have effectively flipped a genetic switch, or at the very least changed a variable that when combined with other variables will flip that switch at a future point in the progression.

You’ll notice that the great pyramid at Giza has no steps, it is or was perfectly smooth. There are 12 courses of masonry and a 13th course that represents the apex of the pyramid, but they aren’t stepped. This suggests that there may not be any noticeable steps in your progression if you happen to choose the 13th mystery school, or at least not the usual ones represented by stepped pyramids.

Taking that a little further, you may not realize you’re even in a mystery school until you’ve nearly graduated. That’s what the founding fathers created in America, a voluntary 13th mystery school that any person of any race, creed, color, or status can attend. It has always been here for anyone who could find it and apply themselves. It’s what Akhenaten began back in Egypt to re-open the human heart and it is what we will finish in America. Akhenaten was able to banish the old priesthood(s) because he graduated the 13th mystery school, the American 13th mystery school has also produced a graduate who will establish the new priesthood, one representing People, not their gods.

Here’s something kind of stupid, I always wonder what it’s going to be like, this “apotheosis” and if I’m going to have to give up all thoughts of the physical beauty that have pulled me thru the worst parts of the Work. My whole reason for doing all this is to get the perfect girl and thoughts of her avatar and what a woman in perfect harmonic proportion would “look like”.

She would likely have a magnetic attraction so strong it would literally trigger an orgasm upon visual contact. This is just what happens when the human heart “sees” whole harmonic proportion where every little thing is in harmonic proportion to every other little thing as well in proportion to the whole as one or “All”. It’s what the second part of the Apollyonic creed at Delphi is all about… “all things in moderation”.

A truly beautiful girl is beautiful because everything about her is beautiful, perfect shape, perfect skin, perfect hair, mysterious, intelligent, compassionate, fun – perfect proportion both inside and out. I know in a metaphysical sense this represents the perfectly balanced and tuned world I’m trying to create and not a physical woman per se, but a beautiful world should be full of beautiful things. I want to enjoy that world with the girl of my dreams. I want both the embrace of my perfect world around me on a spiritual level and the fun and companionship of her avatar or physical form in that world.

I want to have my cake and eat it too, but I don’t dwell on it or pursue it in and of itself. I know I’ll get what I want in some form as long as I focus on the functions behind everything. If I were to focus on the cake and all its frosting, I might miss something… like maybe there’s something better than cake that I’m not aware of yet. Maybe, maybe not, but for now the girl remains veiled so I don’t defile her or become hopelessly mesmerized the instant I gaze upon her beauty.