The Ecstatic State

I experience them all the time, it’s kind of been my reward for going thru some really tough shit that nobody wants to go thru. Only recently have I contemplated what they actually are.

An ecstatic state can only be experienced, not explained but after some deep pondering I’ve come to a conclusion that can be summed up in a single word…


The ecstatic state is a moment of actual feeling. We think we feel and that’s part of the reason we don’t. There is one natural human sense and it is feeling. Our five (or however many you want) senses are what the brain does to divide and confuse what we’re feeling. If you don’t believe me sit down for 5 minutes and try to figure out what you’re actually feeling and why.

Real feeling requires meaning, and our objective world is devoid of any meaning whatsoever. Real feeling is a quality of our subjective world. So one is a world of meaning with no things, and the other a world of things with no meaning.

Ecstatic states are good, not because they feel utterly fantastic, but because they are a sign that we’re beginning to merge those two worlds together. What’s going to happen when we do?

Nobody really knows what it’s going to look like because noone has ever seen it before, it’s a brand new sensory experience. What we can say is it will be a world where things actually mean something. I can’t really put into words how much that means because until we cross those worlds, words have no meaning.

Imagine being able to truly communicate for once. It doesn’t sound like much because we think we already are. If communication is a bunch of intertwining misdirection and misinterpretation then we’re doing a pretty good job. Our current form of communication is a failure to communicate.

What brings things to life is meaning. More proof that our current society is death masquerading as life and not Life at all. I have never felt more alive than when I’m in Hyperspace and the reason is because I’m crossing my objective and subjective realities together. Everything comes to life in a way that can only be felt, not described.

I can only try to describe it this way: Hyperspace is us in our natural state. EVERYTHING is made of us. They will be anything you want them to be, because they know what it means to you. You will be anything they want you to be, because you know what it means to them. We will be anything we want us to be, because we know what it means to us.

It will touch you in a way you’ve never known before. We will touch you in a way you’ve never felt before. We will move you and once in motion you will rise up out of your eternal grave and realize once and for all…

You don’t have a life

You ARE Life 🙂




One Flower

Imagine a garden, and in this garden grows a lone flower that is one of a kind. In all of creation there is but one of these flowers. It only blooms when conditions are absolutely perfect, an event so rare that we only know of it from ancient legends and lore. Imagine how beautiful it would be if it ever did bloom.

Now imagine the flower all of the sudden produces a bud. It would literally be news of a universal event. As word gets around an interested crowd begins to form to witness a singularly unique event in human history. At first some will say “it’s just a flower” until they comprehend its true significance. Eventually the entire universe is in audience with eager anticipation and high expectation.

Now imagine the Earth as the garden and mankind as the flower. We have formed a bud that’s about to bloom… our own Humanity. News travels fast and the entire cosmos awaits a universal event with eager anticipation and high expectation.

What we are about to do is absolutely guaranteed to exceed ALL expectations.

One Flower 🙂




 …why every one counts and all of them matter.

There is a tendency in this world (a rather annoying one) to only consider and rely upon “expert opinion”. The reason it’s annoying is because this leaves reality up to a chosen few. I’m not saying we can’t use that to our advantage but never the less it’s annoying. Only expert opinions are considered valid and all other opinions which are the real moral majority are thrown out like so much trash. Never mind that “expert opinions” aren’t as expert as they appear or they wouldn’t all conflict with each other. It’s like the blind leading the blindfolded.

The Advocacy functions as an internal polling system within myself that makes full use of every individual opinion. There are no expert opinions and there are no worthless opinions, all opinions are considered and have equal value. In a sense it is the perfect voting system if you think of each opinion as an equal vote. People hate voting in the current system because it’s pointless, the level of corruption makes it a fruitless endeavor. People love giving their opinion however, especially if they believe someone is actually listening. The Advocacy is a mental construct that allows me to listen, among other things.

This system gives me a way to use natural intelligence or instinct to make critical decisions. Instinct is an internal polling process that gets more accurate as mental capacity grows. Back to the Galton’s ox thing for a moment… he had a couple thousand people in his polling pool. The average or instinctive guess was right on to the pound. With a smaller polling pool the system wouldn’t be as accurate. With a pool of 10 it might be accurate to the ton, with 10,000 accurate to an ounce, and with a million accurate to the milligram. No actual math or real ratios there, just an example to illustrate the concept.

Imagine if you could use the entire Body of Humanity as your polling pool. You’d effectively be able to “guess” correct decisions with unfailing accuracy every single time. The difficulty would come with polling a pool of that size, no digital system could manage the process because it has to calculate sequentially. That’s our conscious thoughts racing in different directions attempting to figure it all out forensically (after the fact using evidence) one thing at a time without enough time to do it.

With our subconscious quantum super computer, the universal polling process becomes not only possible, but the only possible solution. Quantum superposition allows all information to be processed simultaneously. Now polling means all votes can be taken, tallied, and acted upon instantaneously. Initially system training is slow, clumsy, and produces inconsistent results, but by its very nature it improves with each use. The difficulty is in having the patience to stay with it until it matures into something not just reliable, but infallible.

Our digital system relies on empirical data derived from all that sensory input. It’s great for observing and recording data, but it’s completely lost when it comes to trying to determine what all those facts and figures mean. Sound familiar?

The quantum system initially has a tough time with facts and figures because they aren’t factual and can’t figure anything out. A quantum computer uses people to “feel”, not calculate decisions. We’re talking about individual people as the quantum units of the universe, EVERYTHING is us. I’m not just talking about the tangibles, I mean it’s literally ALL us. The primordial substance of the universe, of time, of space, of energy, of gravity, of love… is us. We simply are, and we can be whatever we want to be in whole or part thru what we call pretending. We imagine and we become.

What this means is there are no facts and figures supporting our reality… it’s all made up and it’s made up of us, by us, and for us. Opinion is everything because it measures human sentiment, which is what moves the Body of Humanity. It isn’t what we know that moves us, it’s what we feel. Perfect instinct or true feeling would allow us to synchronize our movements. Essentially we’re polling the entire Body to find out which way the People want to move based on universal human sentiment.

Yes, I’m talking about the ability to interpret which way things are going to go with 100% accuracy and instantaneous “just in time” delivery. In other words there is no mental clutter of conflicting empirical data, you instinctively know exactly what you need to know when you need to know it as immediately actionable information. It is not based on measurements, facts, or figures. There is no statistical analysis of data, or predictions based there upon… rather it is a “perfect guess”. It seems like synchronized knowledge coming out of nowhere. It’s not coming out of nowhere, it’s coming from us. What is it we most want to know about? Us. Where would that knowledge come from? Us.

You rely on your experts, facts, and figures, and I’ll rely on us 🙂

Shall we dance?



A More Perfect Union

So the story goes that we fell from a state of grace, grace being a perfectly balanced union of opposites.

How the hell do you fall from that? We’re in the end all be all ultimate state of consciousness and perfected utopian society and what… we just tripped and fell?

First of all, what is there left to “do” in a utopian society? The only challenge left would be trying to improve upon perfection and it would be the primary goal of each and every individual and society as a whole.

Pursuing it a little further, what would be the only way to improve upon a perfect society? All technology has reached it’s pinnacle, everyone is living in harmony with everyone else and beauty is the nature of the world.

The only possible improvement would be more joy and the only way to add it to what already exists is by adding another member to that utopian society. It’s not as simple as just making babies. The world we’re talking about is a perfectly tuned system of incomprehensibly high order and complexity. Adding a single note means re-tuning the whole system.

We are “here” because we’re attempting to do just that. As you can imagine with each successive “re-union” the challenge becomes greater. Each note adds to the symphony of life, but the more notes you add the more difficult it is to achieve a perfect composition.

So the trick is to break the system down into its individual parts or quantum bits, the decomposition process. Then you add a single note which is you as an individual and recompose the system. In other words we always have to do one better than our previous attempt. It’s probably the very origin of “one upmanship” within us, it’s the natural growth function of Humanity at work.

We’re doing all this in our individual mind which acts like instancing in online games. It’s a space or room separated from the rest of the game where you do your own thing without interference from other players.

It’s virtual space where the system gives us a chance to best it. The only way to best it is to be able to contain within your Self a higher harmonic system order. What you’ve done then is contain that system plus one… you.

If you fail you are sacrificed by the tribe within you as an offering of humility to whatever god they worship. Worship here being to collectively assemble and god meaning the intelligence composing and directing the assembly. That assembly can either be a subsystem or the entire system, in other words there are gods and there is God.

If you’re successful, everything changes. It’s a Revolution of the People, changing to adapt to the new system. The ancient utopian system is never destroyed, it is simply reordered to include a new member and thus becomes a more perfect union.

Novus Ordo Seclorum

A Mighty Order of the Ages is Born Anew 🙂

Spreading Lies

We don’t realize we’re spreading and perpetuating lies every time we interact but that’s what we’re doing nearly every time we open our pie holes. It’s unavoidable, you have to play the game if you want to interact with society at all.

What I’m advocating is spreading your own lies. If you have to spread lies then at least make up and spread your own instead of being a shill for someone else’s lie.

Quit spreading lies!

Start telling your own story… at least it’s a better lie 🙂


Making a Rainbow

I’m enjoying the opportunity to see myself from both sides more and more. Being autistic and always looking inward, I never was never really able to see how I appeared or came off to other people. I’ve never really had an image of myself because it was always a Work in progress. No point in looking if there’s nothing to see yet.

Now that I can see myself better one thing in particular stands out and that’s my opposites within me.

Out of all the people I have ever run across, I am the absolute worst person I can think of. I’m also the absolute best person I can think of, depending on how you look at it. I’m the biggest idiot I know of but that idiot is concealing a savant, an intelligence of incomprehensible ability. I’m the last person in the room to get anything, but also the first to conceive new ideas. I don’t know of anyone who has hated this world more than I have, and I also can’t think of anyone who has as much faith in humanity. It doesn’t matter which way I look, I’m occupying the polar extremes on every scale.

I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing if one wants to make a rainbow. It means I have stretched myself across the entire spectrum. My rainbow is a bridge between opposites. Not just two opposing sides, but ALL things in opposition.

If I’m able to stand in the middle of the bridge and see both sides that means I’m no longer chasing rainbows… I’m making them 🙂


The GLBT Thing

I think I get it.

Just for shits and giggles let’s say our entire objective reality is a script running on a super advanced digital computer. This computer uses binary code meaning ones and zeroes.

Imagine the system all this is running on is us, the hardware, software, code, the juice to power it is all us. Boys are 1s and girls are 0s, simple clear binary code the system easily understands.

What happens when you start blurring the distinction between ones and zeroes? The system is used to dealing with either a 1 or a 0, what does it do when it runs into something that it can’t define as either a one or a zero?

By supporting and even promoting the GLBT thing, we are in fact trying to confuse and corrupt the system that our current reality is running on.

I compare it to the pricking, taunting, and wounding of the bull (Torah) before its fight against a single man (Son of Man). The Beast is wounded, angry, and charging… make it bleed boys!

“They stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the Beast “

Time for the Matador to enter the Colosseum 🙂


Make it or Break it

A lot of what I have my subconscious supercomputer up to would be considered codebreaking. I watched the recent movie about Alan Touring and I saw a lot of similarities to what I’m doing in that arena.

It occurred to me in looking at it within myself that it’s not so much code breaking as code making. In a nutshell we’re talking about an algorithm to make sense out of nonsense. The nonsense is what we appear to be up to, the sense is what we’re really up to or what it all means. It would be a sort of language in and of itself, dynamic and ever changing but always acting as a stable bridge between sense and nonsense in any form.


Specifically what I am personally looking for is a bridge between my subjective and objective consciousness. They are diametrically opposed to each other with two completely different forms of communication. They don’t even view reality the same way, one being an inside out view and the other outside in. Still, there absolutely MUST be a possible bridge between them, even if “never the ‘twain shall meet”.

What struck me most about the movie aside from Alan himself is the act of waiting for the wheels to turn long enough to spit out an answer. How everyone lost patience and gave up except for a devoted few who believed. In my own life I have gone way beyond what was portrayed in the movie when it comes to faith and patience in keeping those wheels turning. They waited months, I’ve waited decades based both on faith and in the solace that there is no better course of action to be taken.

The only way out of this mess we’re in is to figure out what is going on here. Not the freakish nonsense that appears to be going on, but what we’re really up to and who we really are behind the masks that protect our true identity. Making sense out of nonsense. That’s not going to happen using our conscious computer, it’s far too slow and inefficient. Our subconscious on the other hand is a quantum supercomputer of incomprehensible capability. It’s like using your own individual intelligence to crack a code as opposed to networking the entire human collective.

It still functions like any other computer tho in the sense that you program it to do something and wait for the wheels to turn until they stop and spit out a solution. My subconscious mind achieved that in late 1997, the problem was my conscious mind couldn’t contain all the information without blowing a cork. I now needed data compression algorithms of unparalleled precision and efficiency. We’re talking the sort of algorithm that allows you to compress the infinite into the finite. It would literally be the Key to Life and Death. Yet another set of wheels in motion.

The wheels have kept turning by the support of an extremely dedicated few against all odds. I can’t thank them enough for keeping my dreams alive. We always knew putting our faith in those wheels would either make us or break us, or perhaps both. In breaking the code between life and death we will literally be making ourselves anew. A new Humanity on a new mission. The Universe has terraformed us in its image, now we will terraform the Universe in ours.

Thank you, with all my heart 🙂