…why every one counts and all of them matter.

There is a tendency in this world (a rather annoying one) to only consider and rely upon “expert opinion”. The reason it’s annoying is because this leaves reality up to a chosen few. I’m not saying we can’t use that to our advantage but never the less it’s annoying. Only expert opinions are considered valid and all other opinions which are the real moral majority are thrown out like so much trash. Never mind that “expert opinions” aren’t as expert as they appear or they wouldn’t all conflict with each other. It’s like the blind leading the blindfolded.

The Advocacy functions as an internal polling system within myself that makes full use of every individual opinion. There are no expert opinions and there are no worthless opinions, all opinions are considered and have equal value. In a sense it is the perfect voting system if you think of each opinion as an equal vote. People hate voting in the current system because it’s pointless, the level of corruption makes it a fruitless endeavor. People love giving their opinion however, especially if they believe someone is actually listening. The Advocacy is a mental construct that allows me to listen, among other things.

This system gives me a way to use natural intelligence or instinct to make critical decisions. Instinct is an internal polling process that gets more accurate as mental capacity grows. Back to the Galton’s ox thing for a moment… he had a couple thousand people in his polling pool. The average or instinctive guess was right on to the pound. With a smaller polling pool the system wouldn’t be as accurate. With a pool of 10 it might be accurate to the ton, with 10,000 accurate to an ounce, and with a million accurate to the milligram. No actual math or real ratios there, just an example to illustrate the concept.

Imagine if you could use the entire Body of Humanity as your polling pool. You’d effectively be able to “guess” correct decisions with unfailing accuracy every single time. The difficulty would come with polling a pool of that size, no digital system could manage the process because it has to calculate sequentially. That’s our conscious thoughts racing in different directions attempting to figure it all out forensically (after the fact using evidence) one thing at a time without enough time to do it.

With our subconscious quantum super computer, the universal polling process becomes not only possible, but the only possible solution. Quantum superposition allows all information to be processed simultaneously. Now polling means all votes can be taken, tallied, and acted upon instantaneously. Initially system training is slow, clumsy, and produces inconsistent results, but by its very nature it improves with each use. The difficulty is in having the patience to stay with it until it matures into something not just reliable, but infallible.

Our digital system relies on empirical data derived from all that sensory input. It’s great for observing and recording data, but it’s completely lost when it comes to trying to determine what all those facts and figures mean. Sound familiar?

The quantum system initially has a tough time with facts and figures because they aren’t factual and can’t figure anything out. A quantum computer uses people to “feel”, not calculate decisions. We’re talking about individual people as the quantum units of the universe, EVERYTHING is us. I’m not just talking about the tangibles, I mean it’s literally ALL us. The primordial substance of the universe, of time, of space, of energy, of gravity, of love… is us. We simply are, and we can be whatever we want to be in whole or part thru what we call pretending. We imagine and we become.

What this means is there are no facts and figures supporting our reality… it’s all made up and it’s made up of us, by us, and for us. Opinion is everything because it measures human sentiment, which is what moves the Body of Humanity. It isn’t what we know that moves us, it’s what we feel. Perfect instinct or true feeling would allow us to synchronize our movements. Essentially we’re polling the entire Body to find out which way the People want to move based on universal human sentiment.

Yes, I’m talking about the ability to interpret which way things are going to go with 100% accuracy and instantaneous “just in time” delivery. In other words there is no mental clutter of conflicting empirical data, you instinctively know exactly what you need to know when you need to know it as immediately actionable information. It is not based on measurements, facts, or figures. There is no statistical analysis of data, or predictions based there upon… rather it is a “perfect guess”. It seems like synchronized knowledge coming out of nowhere. It’s not coming out of nowhere, it’s coming from us. What is it we most want to know about? Us. Where would that knowledge come from? Us.

You rely on your experts, facts, and figures, and I’ll rely on us 🙂

Shall we dance?